Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park: Endowed with scenic ridges, the famous Lake Nakuru and a unique vegetation that’s a mixture of bushy grasslands, euphorbia forest and acacia woodlands; Lake Nakuru National Park is the true definition of wild beauty. 

Located in central Kenya within the Great Rift Valley the park is a habitat to over 450 bird species and over 50 mammal species that live and make their life in the enclosed park. The bird species mainly live on Lake Nakuru shores with the famous birds being the flamingos that are always on the lake shores shading it pink.  Though other bird species live in the park’s surrounding flora most live on the lake shores. Birds in the park include but not limited to the woolly-necked Stork, Little Rock-Thrush, Pink-backed Pelican, Blacksmith Plover, Coqui Francolin and many more. 

The animals in the park are mainly in the savannah lands of the park with a few in the water like the hippos. The park is a Rhino sanctuary so it has a great deal of black and white rhinos within its bounds. The most popular animals in the park apart from the rhinos are the Rothschild’s giraffe, buffalos, lions, waterbucks, impalas, leopards, cheetahs, baboons, warthogs, zebras, African wild dog, gazelles, colobus monkey and many more. 

These animals and many more in the park make Lake Nakuru National park an ideal place for game viewing, exploring and enjoying these mammal species of the jungle. Game viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park is done all year round in the park every day of the week. 

Anytime of the year guests visit Lake Nakuru National Park, they will be able to view the several animal species in the park. This is because the park is fenced so the animals don’t have a chance to get out; also Lake Nakuru National has a very unique climate that is neither very hot nor very cold all through the year so any time one decides to have a game drive it’s possible. That in mind Nakuru County receives both the dry and wet seasons through the year and the wettest months are March to May as well as October to December, but even during these times, it is never as rainy as other parts of the country. January to February and June to September are normally dry.

Game viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park takes you through the park’s acacia woodlands and bushy grasslands on the comfortable and enjoyable road network as you sight and see several mammals that live in this park. You can easily spot these mammals on a drive or you can stop by several spots along the road network to breath in the sights of these earth mammals. 

The road network in the park is well established so you can easily access the different points of the park for your game viewing. 

Lake Nakuru National Park is also gifted with great landscape of spectacular viewpoints where you can set and view most of the animals in the park. At these viewpoints you just sit and enjoy the surrounding as the animals walk by; each viewpoint gives you a unique vantage point for different animals like the baboon cliff the baboons. Normally people go to the view points as an addition to the game drive through the park.  

Also around Lake Nakuru, is a great place for animal viewing as many animals come to the lake for water and others like the waterbuck don’t stay far from the lake. Game viewing at the lake can be coupled with bird watching because birds are more on the lake than the animals.

Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park
Game Viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game viewing in the park is done by safari vehicle with a well-trained guide; no one is allowed to view animals on foot or bike, all viewers should be in the car. A well trained tour guide helps the viewer’s navigate the different routes of the park to maximize their time of viewing in the park. Also the guide is trained to deal with situations where animals seem like they want to attack humans so that both the animals and humans stay safe. 

The park is open from 7am to 6pm so you can have a game drive any time within those hours; the park doesn’t have night game drives.

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