The Best Time To Visit Aberdare National Park

The Best Time To Visit Aberdare National Park : The thick forests and rugged highlands of Kenya’s Aberdare National Park entice visitors throughout the year, but the ideal Kenya safari time to visit is determined by the park’s prevailing weather conditions as well as how simple or challenging it is to see the animals there.

This is the best time to visit Aberdare National Park because it’s the longest dry season, lasting from July to October. It’s also the coolest time of year, with average highs of 21 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 11 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit at night. For this reason, you should pack an extra layer of warm clothing for your morning and evening activities. Although there are fewer insects during this season, it is still advised to visit Aberdare National Park during the short dry season between January and February because the park is humid and has little rainfall. Animals congregate around the remaining water holes, which facilitates game viewing adventures.

However, the rainy season, which has two distinct phases—long rains from March to May and short rains from November to December—isn’t the best time to visit Aberdare National Park because more water spots appear and animals tend to disperse throughout the park. As a result, you might not see the concentration of wildlife in a small area as you would in the dry season. The sticky black cotton soil may also make it difficult to manoeuvre the National Park’s roads and trails, which could significantly impact your game drives, nature hikes, and hiking safaris.

This is not to argue that Aberdare National Park is empty during the rainy season; rather, it offers additional benefits that you should take into account while organising your adventure safari. For example, during the rainy season, some animals, like antelopes, give birth, and you may see the first few hours of the park’s newest animal arrivals. The foliage also turns a deep, rich green colour, and the gorgeous colours of the flowers accentuate the scenery.  Furthermore, because Aberdare National Park is a birdwatcher’s heaven, the best time to see the park’s abundant and peak-seeing birdlife is still during the rainy season.

Kenya safari Activities in Aberdare National Park

Day and Night Game Drives: Take exhilarating drives to see the variety of wildlife, which includes the Big Five. Game drives at night give an opportunity to see nocturnal animals.

Hiking: Hiking paths allow you to discover Aberdare’s mountain ranges, hills, and waterfalls. Experience the splendour of the twin or elephant hills, the table mountains, and beautiful scenery.

Walks by the Waterfalls: Enjoy quiet strolls by the Karuru and Chania waterfalls while taking in the striking surroundings and the sound of the gushing water.

Fishing for Trout: Enjoy a distinctive angling experience in the moorlands by going trout fishing in chilly rivers beneath waterfalls.

Bird Watching: Take pleasure in observing the more than 250 documented bird species, which include sunbirds, African fish eagles, and the critically endangered Aberdare cisticola.

Accommodations in Aberdare National Park

The lodging options in Aberdare National Park range from luxury accommodations with a high level of exclusivity and opulence to mid-range accommodations for those looking for a good balance between price and quality as well as standard/budget options. A variety of safari lodges and campgrounds are available to provide complete comfort and excellent services for your memorable safari adventure in this park. There aren’t many lodging alternatives in Aberdare National Park, but those that do exist are all basic, mid-range establishments with plenty of guest rooms to accommodate both solo and large groups of tourists. For a relaxing stay, pick from a variety of lodging options, such as Fishing Lodge Guest House, Aberdare Country Club, Ark Tree Lodge, Treetops Lodge, and Tusk Camp Banda.

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Treetops Lodge

A well-known lodging option in Aberdare National Park, Treetops Lodge, also known as Nyeri Tree-house Lodge on Stilts, is situated in the path of an ancient elephant’s migration route between the Aberdare Ranges and Mt. Kenya National Park. It is ideally situated in front of a salt lick and natural watering hole, making it the ideal spot to watch game. Queen Elizabeth II visited the park as a princess and left as queen. The 36-room lodge is divided into suites for those who choose more luxury and regular rooms. Three of the suites are very roomy and include large windows that provide a stunning view of the salt lick and watering hole. The twin beds in the standard rooms can be made into a king-size double bed. Every room has a luggage rack for the safari suitcase and an en suite shower. Families can also reserve triple rooms. Buzzers are installed in every room, synonymous with alerting guests when the game is near the watering holes.

The Best Time To Visit Aberdare National Park
Treetops Lodge

The Ark Lodge

Located in Aberdare National Park, The Ark Lodge is a famous and rather peculiar lodging option that offers a view of a salt lick and floodlit waterhole that draws a variety of amazing animals. With its three decks, which are modelled after Noah’s Ark and named after it, plenty of balconies and lounges offer an excellent vantage point for seeing animals. The night watchman will buzz your room as animals approach the waterhole so you won’t miss the animal viewing experience like at Treetops Lodge. There are self-contained cabins with a shower and toilet available for those staying on the Ark.

Aberdare Country Club

The stunning Aberdare Country Club is hidden away on a slope of Mweiga Hill in the Aberdare Highlands, a region of the Great Rift Valley. This property was originally the homestead of an English couple who made the decision to relocate in Kenya. Their house, “The Steep,” was renamed the Aberdare Country Club and welcomed visitors almost fifty years later. This lodging in Aberdare National Park offers the cosiness of a private residence combined with the basic amenities of a rural hotel. With 20 cottage-style rooms and 1 standard suite, it’s ideal for singles, couples, families, and anybody looking for a little something more.

Thomson’s Falls Lodge

On a kenya safari tour, it is situated northwest of Aberdare Park, Thomson’s Falls Lodge offers stunning views of the 72-meter (236-foot) Nyahururu Falls, also known as Thomson’s Falls during its colonial era. This waterfall is among Kenya’s best, and you will witness it during your scenic adventure in Aberdare. The resort has 32 affordable cottages with guest rooms.

Along with the several public campsites in Aberdare National Park, such as the Reedbuck, Ruhuruina, Wandare, and Shamata campsites, there are additional lodging options like Tusk Camp Banda and the Fishing Lodge Guest House.

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