Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park

Activities Done in Lake Nakuru National Park

Activities Done in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya: Lake National Park was established as a national park in 1961. National Park is located in central Kenya, about 140km (90 miles) north west of Nairobi, in the Nakuru district of the rift valley province.

Lake Nakuru is best for bird species, where it has 500 species of birds; on the other side they are also various kinds of animals like lions, impalas, buffalos, water bucks, Rothschild giraffe these are favored by savannah grasslands as well as presence of algae that attracts vast quality of flamingos


This Kenya wildlife Safaris helps to identify the following different activities done in Lake Nakuru national park.

  1. Bird watching in Lake Nakuru national park.

Lake Nakuru is great birding destination with more than 500 species recorded. The soda Lake Nakuru is a birding hotspot and supports a lot of birdlife for example flocks of pelican, flamingos. The spot for bird watching is the southern end of lake Nakuru, that’s where you identify the different types of bird species. This is beastly done during dry season because most of the bird species do migrate during the rainy season, the best seasons are from June to October and from December to March.

Activities Done in Lake Nakuru National Park
Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park
  1. Game viewing in Lake Nakuru national park.

Game viewing is also best done in Lake Nakuru national park and most especially in common animals which are buffalos, rhinos, leopards, lions. Game viewing activity is the best done from January to March  and July to December being dry months are best recommendable since the routes are not muddy.

And the following are the payments according to how you want to view various animals in Lake Nakuru national park.

Night game drive per trip 2,155
Horse riding [excluding the trips] 2,585
Horse riding on private horses per day 1030
Cycling per day 215

  1. Camping in Lake Nakuru national park.

Camping is an exciting adventure that allows you to sleep under the sky in the wild to experience nature and the wild first hand. Lake Nakuru national park being one of the top camping destinations in Kenya ;it gives campers more than just sleeping under sky in tents; campers in lake Nakuru national park get enjoy the enjoy the unique vegetation in the park ,the semi-humid weather and if one is lucky they get to see a few animals up close Lake Nakuru national park has seven operational camping sites that spread in the northern and southern parts of the campers can expect to enjoy cool weather in the night, beautiful sky campers can expect to enjoy cool weather in the night, beautiful sky views ,magnificent views of the concentrated flamingos resembling a pink blanket covering the surface of Lake Nakuru national park and scenic views of the surrounding in the park.

Activities Done in Lake Nakuru National Park
Flamingo Tented Camp

Enjoro campsite; This campsite is just next to the park’s main gate hence very accessible and the most used by the park’s visitors.

Nakuru tented camp; Nakuru tented camp is one of the quiet and calm campsite in Lake Nakuru national park.

Mbweha camp; Mbweha campsite is known to be most delightful campsite with the most adorable game viewing, watching and nature experiences,

Flamingo Hill tented camp; Located on the shores of Lake Nakuru ,this campsite is considered a luxury camp site and is the most demand campsite because it gives campers the best birding viewpoints.

Lakira camp. Also known as luxury campsite located within Lake Nakuru national park at the edges of Lake Nakuru.

Rhino campsite; Known as the most traditional campsite in the Lake Nakuru national park, the greatest selling point to view endangered rhinos in the park. This campsite is basic to the details all guests who visit this site have real meaning of camping without any additives.

Makalia falls campsite; One of the greater experience of the water fall breeze and sounds and game viewing especially herds of buffalos.

4.Picnicking in Lake Nakuru national park.

Picnicking in Lake Nakuru national park is done anytime of the day thought out the year, though the most advantageous times are the dry months because the rains are minimal so your picnic will not be interrupted by the rain. These dry months include June, July, September, October, January, February. The picnic spots are all raised high above the park ground level that while on top of any of them your able to enjoy delightful views of the park  the birds, animals and the entire park surrounding. These are following popular picnic sites;

Baboon cliff; It’s  a picnic site near the western shores of lake Nakuru in the north western part, its high on the cliff and it’s a great place for sight-seeing ,bird watching and interacting with  baboons as they are always around the cliff.

Lion cliff; It’s the north eastern shores of Lake Nakuru and it offers distant of the lake but delightful views of the surrounding and animals especially the lions.

Out of Africa outlook; it’s at southern-western shores of Lake Nakuru in the western and of the park with the most viewers of the lake and park surroundings.

Best hours of the day to have a picnic are between 10am and 5pm the weather can be calm not hot shiny and not too cloudy just perfect for a time of refreshing and relaxing on the raised ridges.

Where to stay in Lake Nakuru national park.

There are number of accommodation facilities where you can stay during your safari; Savor lion hill game lodge, kambi Amani with featuring terrace, Lake Nakuru lodge, Empalos hotel Nakuru, sandal wood suites, north manor Nakuru among others.

Activities Done in Lake Nakuru National Park
sandal wood suites

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru national park. Time to visit are shown below.

January, June, August, September, October, November, December – Excellent.

February– Good.


How to get to Lake Nakuru national park.

Lake Nakuru national park can be both accessed by air and roads. By flight can be got by flying to Naishi airstrip in the southern part of the park.

By the road it’s a tarmac road connection with Nairobi a distance of 156km North West of Nairobi on the main A104 road, the most commonly used route in the park is through the main gate.

Lake Nakuru national park is real definition of best activities for everyone’s desire as explained above with unique features and facilities in Kenya to thrill while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

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