Game drives safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game drive safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park

Game drive safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park : Due to the presence of Lake Nakuru, one of the soda lakes of the Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru National Park is among Kenya’s top national parks. There are three main entrances to the park, and once you are there, you may see a vast range of wildlife, including the flamingos that colour the lake pink. During a kenya safari tours in the Lake Nakuru National Park, game drives include beautiful scenery and a variety of lush vegetation, including euphorbia forests, acacia woodlands, and bush grasslands. One of Kenya Safaris stunning natural landscapes is Lake Nakuru.

On the floor of the rift valley, the Lake Nakuru National park is located in the centre of Kenya. On your kenya safaris tours you will discover that the area is home to several mammal and bird species. At present, Lake Nakuru National Park is home to more than 50 mammal species and over 400 bird species making it Kenya birdwatching safaris favourite choice for birdwatching.

According to Birding safaris in Kenya the majority of the bird species in Nakuru National Park may be found around the lake shores, which is famous for being home to millions of flamingos to the point where the water takes on a pink hue. Flamingo colonies that reside on the shoreline of Nakuru National Park’s Lake Nakuru are the park’s most notable feature. One of only three premium game parks in the nation and one of the most popular game parks in Kenya is Lake Nakuru Park.

Due to the large number of birds that reside here, Lake Nakuru Park is referred to as a haven for bird lovers. Over 400 different bird species can be found in the Lake Nakuru Kenya Park, including flamingos that reside on the lake and on the savannah grasslands.

Although there are several bird species within Nakuru National Park, the majority of them may be found along Lake Nakuru’s shore. Other bird species found in Lake Nakuru National Park include Cape Teal, White-browed robin-chart, Montane nightjar, pied kingfish, black cuckoo, pearl spotted Owlet, African Fish Eagle, Blacksmith plover, Dusky Nightjar, pelicans, African cuckoo, and little Rock Trush, among others. Flamingos, both lesser and greater flamingos, are also present in the park.

Game drives safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park
Birding At Lake Nakuru

Wildlife in lake Nakuru national park
Kenya safari tour offers plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities through its game drives. Except for those that are found in the waters of Lake Nakuru, the majority of the animals in Nakuru National Park are found in savannah regions. Visitors to Lake Nakuru National Park will have the opportunity to witness both black and white rhinos because the park also protects rhinos and contains a rhino sanctuary within of it. Lake Nakuru National Park is home to a variety of other animals in addition to rhinos, such as baboons, zebras, monkeys, buffalo’s waterbucks, hippos, and giraffes.

The animals in Lake Nakuru National Park make it possible for visitors and tourists alike to go on safari game drives to discover the best of the park and its surroundings. This makes it possible for safari game drives to be conducted at the park year-round, you can go at any time or on any day to Lake Nakuru National Park for game drive safaris.

What has make this to be successful is that lake Nakuru National Park is fenced, there are no chances for the animals to leave the gazetted area and they can therefore be seen in around this protected area under kenya wildlife service. As a result, whenever you visit, you will be able to enjoy and see several safari activities as well as the aforementioned wildlife species.

Weather in Lake Nakuru National Park
In addition to Game drives safaris , the park is also known for its unmatched birding safaris in kenya because the environment and weather in Nakuru National Park are so unique that they are neither hot nor chilly throughout the year, which means that whenever you feel like going Gama kenya game drive safaris or bird watching safaris in kenya ,you will be able to do it there without encountering any problems.

However, you should be aware that the Nakuru County, where Nakuru National Park is located, experiences both the dry and wet seasons. The dry season lasts from January through February, then from June through September, while the wet season lasts from March through May, then from early October to late December. You can go on safari game drives throughout the year in Lake Nakuru National Park, however it is advised that you go in the dry season.

Game viewing
As you go along the modernised and highly maintained road trails inside the park to witness the beauties of lake Nakuru National Park, safari game drives in the park take you to the savanna plains that are distinguished by bushy grassland and the acacia woodland. As you stop by multiple posts to check out the animals you have observed, it is simple to spot these creatures. The Nakuru National area’s roads were well-built so that tourists doing safari game drives could easily have a smooth ride in and around the park.

There are more breath taking vantage places in the Lake Nakuru National Park where you can stand and observe most of the park’s wildlife. On a kenya safari tours, You can stroll up to this vantage point, stand, or sit down, and see the wildlife strolling around Lake Nakuru National Park.

These perspectives include, among others, the baboon cliff viewpoints. Due to Lake Nakuru’s presence, many animals congregate there in search of water, particularly on the hottest days. As a result, tourists get the opportunity to witness a variety of animal species. Kenya safaris takes you to this point one of the best Game viewing sites in Lake Nakuru National Park.

The best time for game drives in lake Nakuru national park
The ideal way to conduct game drives and safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park is to utilise a safari customised vehicle driven by a experienced drivers and knowledgeable guide. Remember that you can only go on a game drive safari in a comfortable vehicle; some of the vehicles used during game drive safaris in lake Nakuru national park include open roof land cruisers , open roof vans and kenya wildlife service bus available upon prior booking. It is important to note that on kenya safaris tour, you cannot go on a game drive safari in Lake Nakuru National Park on foot. The guide will always be available to help you and will give you advice in any emergency, such as when animals try to assault people.

Opening hours
The Nakuru National Park’s gates are open every day from 7 am to 6 pm. You should be aware that Nakuru National Park does not conduct any night time wildlife drives.

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