Shy Animal Species in Africa

Shy Animal Species in Africa : Shy animal species are animal species that also makes your safari incredible in Africa and these can be sighted in various countries in Africa like Kenya, Tanzania, south Africa, though the animals cannot be well sighted, they are called shy animals because they got the fearness  from different sources like in the various genetics and also the previous bad experiences. Mostly the shy animals are always weak and easily defeated and also eaten by other animals and are generally herbivores themselves are technically ‘’shy’’ due to their surviving instincts manifesting in the avoidance behaviors.

Shy animals are always in fear, take an example when someone tries to find them they do run away and escape from that environment. Mostly as you always here the big five mammal species like the leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant in Kenya, on your safari do not miss out finding the little five or the small animal species including the Aardvark, Aardwolf, Bat-eared Fox, Meerkat, Porcupine as these will reward you the best moments because of their size and the behavior in nature. The shy animal species are mostly viewed by the tourists on a safari in Kenya in various national parks and national reserves of the country.

The 5 shy animals species are usually sighted by a variety of the tourists on a safari in Kenya, though the four of the shy five are known as the nocturnal animal species, these are difficult to spot but can easily be seen during the night game drive in the various national parks and reserves of Kenya but after spotting these animal species they give you the best rewarding safari experience in Kenya.

Shy animal species.


Porcupine are cute  but they shy and prickly, the porcupine are covered with black and white, quills that can reach up to 50cm in length, the porcupines are such attractive but they are mostly nocturnal and can sometimes be spotted during the night game drive, while rootling around. On a safari to Kenya the porcupines can be mostly be spotted in Amboseli National Park in Kenya especially during the night game drive do not miss out spotting the porcupine on your safari in Kenya.

Bat-eared fox.

Bat-eared fox has got the huge upright and narrow snouts to ensure their privacy by being mainly the nocturnal animal species, these are the most fearful in that they are always alert if they feel in danger, and they lie down in the tall grass or the thick bush and thus becoming perfectly camouflaged due to their unique coloring.

Shy Animal Species in Africa
Bat-eared fox

The bat-eared fox is a small animal species and thus difficult to spot they are about 30 cm tall and they weigh around 3 to 5 kg. Their bodies are generally yellow-brown with a pale throat and under parts. Bat-eared fox can be sighted in Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Amboseli National Park and among many other places, do not miss out watching the Bat-eared fox on your Kenya safari.


Aardvark is known as the cutest shy animal specie, the Aardvark has got the long nose and the amazing upright or straight ears, the kangaroo do like the aardvarks. The aardvark have got the long, tapered tail and it’s covered by the coarse grey-brown hair that protects itself from the external disturbances or bitten by the insects. The aardvarks are best seen during the night because they like hiding and sleeping during the day time. Their name comes from South Africa’s Afrikaans language that means ‘earth pig’ due to the fact that it’s a nocturnal it spends the afternoon resting and during the night it does foraging in the grasslands and the forests for termites. Aardvarks spends their powerful claws to excavate the tunnels where it hides and sleeps in though they have a main den they use for breeding. On a safari to Kenya do not miss viewing the Aardvark in Amboseli National Park, Tsavo West national park.


Meerkat are the most interesting shy animal specie that is attractive to be seen by tourists on a safari, they have extraordinary well-honed senses and in their living environment, these usually do pose often they often get together to suit in their surroundings, these have got the slender-tailed and often striped. Meerkat is a small carnivoran in the mongoose family, and they are predominantly desert animals in much parts of Namin Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa.

Shy Animal Species in Africa


Aardwolf are nocturnal animal species as well, they are small and they measure around 45 cm in height, the Aardwolf feed on the termites and they can feed on the 300000 termites a night. Due to their rate on feeding the vast number of the termites, they are solitary creatures and meet up with other aardwolves only to mate and rear young in their time. Do not miss out the unique Kenya wildlife Safari while watching the shyest animal species in Africa that is Aardwolf can be spotted in Tsavo national park and among many other places in Kenya.

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