Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo National Park, Kenya Wildlife Service

Tsavo National Park, Kenya Wildlife Service  : Kenya Wildlife services (KWS) is a Kenyan state corporation that was established in 1989 to conserve and manage Kenya’s wildlife. It is established under an Act of parliament Cap 376 (The Wildlife Conservation and Management (Amendment 1989) Act) with the mandate to conserve and manage wildlife in Kenya and to enforce related laws and regulations. It manages the biodiversity of the country, protecting and conserving the flora and fauna.

Kenya Wildlife Services manages most popular of the National parks and reserves in Kenya forexample the Tsavo national park, except the Maasai Mara national reserve, which is managed by the local authorities. The Kenya Wildlife Service, the money collected as conservation fees in the parks is used to help conservation fees in the parks which is used to help the conservation of the flora and fauna within the parks.

Tsavo National Park.

Tsavo National park is situated in Kenya’s South- west, The park is the largest and biggest national park in Kenya which is at 22,000km2 (13,671 miles). The park is enormous wilderness area that has been divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West national park. Tsavo national park is particularly well known for its large herds of elephants and captivating landscapes, though Tsavo is one of the less populated game areas in Kenya and is perfect for those who want to enjoy a pristine wildlife experience.

Tsavo East national park is the largest national park in Kenya covering the total land area of 13747 kilometres squared, the park is considered as the land of the great wilderness experience, its covered with rocky bushes that are mostly dominated by the open savannah grassland, Acacia forests, riverine vegetation and others.

Tsavo West national park which is known as the ‘’ land of lava, springs, Man – eater and Magical sunset’’. Tsavo West is the second largest national park in Kenya covering a total land area of 9,065 square kilometres. Tsavo West national park is a rocky park that is characterised by the rugged wilderness, scrublands, Acacia woodlands and many more vegetation covers.

Tsavo National Park, Kenya Wildlife Service
Tsavo Park

Roles of Kenya Wildlife Services to Tsavo National Park.

Kenya Wildlife Services conserves and manages the park, wildlife conservation areas, and sanctuaries under the jurisdiction; that is the Kenya Wildlife Services ensures that the wildlife of the Tsavo is conserved by encouraging sustainability through discouraging poaching and misuse of the wildlife, which encourages conservation and increase number of the animals in the park.

Provision of the security for wildlife and visitors in national parks, the Kenya Wildlife Services has provided security through provision of equipments and tools to in the game rangers and the related personnel to conserve by protecting the park animals from being disrupted in their conservation areas and sanctuaries.

Kenya Wildlife Services has promoted the set-up of the county conservation committee in order to promote respect and cooperation among the counties which encourages them to come up with new systems of conservation and innovations forexample the introduction of the new rules and regulations about the conservation of the wildlife such discouraging the grazing in the Tsavo National park by the local people or farmers which may result into the park fires and poaching.

Kenya Wildlife Services has promoted or undertake commercial and other activities in Tsavo national park for the purpose of achieving sustainable wildlife conservation, this is done together with the stakeholders through mobilising and sensiting them about the importances of the wildlife by discouraging poaching and which sustains the wildlife for the present and the future generation.

The Kenya Wildlife Services collects the revenue and charges due to the national government from wildlife, and as appropriate, through developing the mechanisms for the benefit sharing with the communities living in the wildlife areas around Tsavo national park which guides people living around the park to be encouraged in conserving the wildlife.

Kenya Wildlife Services promotes and undertake extension services and outreach programmes intended to enhance wildlife conservation, education and training to the Tsavo people by educating them the merits of conserving the wildlife so as to promote increase on the number of wildlife in Tsavo national park.

Conduction and coordinating, all research activities in the field of wildlife conservation and management so as to ensure application of research findings in conservation planning, implementation and the decision making in the Tsavo national park.

In Tsavo national park, the Kenya Wildlife Services has undertaken and conduct enforcement activities such as anti- poaching operations through conservation, wildlife protection, intelligence gathering, investigations and other enforcing activities for the effective carrying out of the provisions of this act in the park.

Kenya Wildlife Services coordinates the preparation and the implementation of the ecosystem plans of the park through the new plans of conserving for example the various habitats in the Tsavo like the forests, grasslands and among others and at the same time the wildlife to be conserved so as to maintain the ecosystem balance.

Kenya Wildlife Services with mandate to conserve and manage wildlife in Tsavo national park and to enforce related laws and regulations, through managing the biodiversity of the park, by protecting and conserving the flora and fauna.

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