Kenya Launches Farm Tours

Kenya Launches Farm Tours

Kenya Launches Farm Tours : This week Kenya under the Kenya tourism board launched Farm Tours as part of their tourism products for both the local and the international market. The launch of the farm tours is part of the country’s strategy to diversify its tourism products and services for all tourists.

The farm tours that were officially commissioned by the Kenya Tourism board’s Secretary Allan Njoroge will give tourists an opportunity to visit and experience the different farms in Kenya that produce mainly tea, coffee and flowers.

The Kenya Tourism board Secretary Allan Njoroge called on all farm owners and producers in the country to embrace this opportunity and tailor make farm tours that would be favorable for the tourism industry, their farm business and the tourists. Kenya is one of the leading flower growing and exporting countries in the world and its flowers are exported to countries far and wide.

Kenya Farm Trips
Kenya Farm Trips

On the Farm tours the tourist will visit different farms in Kenya, witnessing and experiencing the different activities on the farm that go into producing a top quality products.  The tourist will either visit a tea farm or a flower cut farm or coffee farm.

On Tea farm tours the tourist will tour tea plantations, witness and take part in the tea plucking process then go on to witness the storage process, drying and many other things.

For the Flower cut farms, a tourist will visit the flower beds; witness the trimming of growing flowers and the harvesting of the already grown then sorting, packaging, storage and ready to transport to the market.

At the Launch of the Farm tours the secretary remarked that Kenya is one of the largest producers of tea and cut flowers in Africa and the entire world; the country is also known to be among the countries with the top quality coffee in the world. All these make the country attractive to the outside world hence bringing tourists in the country.

He stated that the farm tours will serve as a platform for people to get information about the different Kenyan products; given that Kenyan products play a great role worldwide people are always wondering what makes Kenyan products outstanding; this will be the chance for them to get the answers to that question and more. The Farm Tours will also show domestic tourists the different places apart from National parks that they can explored within the country.

Kenya Launches Farm Tours
Kenya Launches Farm Tours

The Farm Tours couldn’t have come at a better time than this when the tourism industry is recovering from last year’s lockdown that affected the industry greatly. Now as the tourism industry recovers, its diversifying to give its travelers a wide range of tour options.

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic Kenya’s tourism sector was majorly focused on safari destinations because of the country’s rich wildlife and beaches at the coastline, but after the pandemic and the effects it has caused the sector, the sector is venturing into other tourism products outside the beaches and wildlife. The first venture being the farm tours.

To promote the farm tours the Kenya Tourism Board is already running promotional program across the country and on their virtual platforms to advertise the farm tours to both the local and international tourists

The introduction of the Farm tours doesn’t erase or demystify the safari and beach tourism products, the tours are an additional and will complement the safari and beach tourism products in the country.

Kenya is going to keeping diversifying products and experiences across the country to broaden their tour products and also give people a variety of options. The Kenya tourism industry diversification will also give Kenya a competitive edge in the East African region.

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