Amboseli National Park Accommodation

Amboseli National Park Accommodation : Amboseli national park has many accommodations with all the options with some which are located inside the park while others are located outside the park. As there are three categories of the accommodation in Amboseli national park as they include; give guest chance to choose the rightful lodge according to the budget, the life time the park safaris is directly determined by the level of the comfort and service from the accommodation chosen.

Amboseli national park has got the most great accommodation packages that are all inclusive covering accommodation and other services. This helps our guests to be given the best services as we select the best lodges around the park, there are some lodges in the park that  signed contract agreements, that’s we have got special rates on behalf of the guests hence making the travelers to pay less but enjoying their high class services during their time in the park. The cost of the safari is always affected by the accommodation level. Amboseli national park accommodation has been categorized and classified by the Kenya Wildlife Services, as the classification of a certain accommodation is based on the services offered, amenities present, type and the number of the rooms. The categories of the accommodation are three as they are graded into various categories.

Amboseli National Park Accommodation
Sentrim Amboseli

The first category (Budget accommodation).

Budget accommodation are called the 1 to 2 star lodges found in Amboseli national park most of them are  lodges ,camps and majority of them are located outside the park. The budget tents have small rooms, small beds, shared bathrooms, no Wi-Fi, at times no hot water in the showers. The Budget accommodations are most liked by the students and the solo guests in the park. The Budget accommodations in Amboseli national park includes Amboseli Eco camp, WE4Kenya Guesthouse and campsite, Sentrim Amboseli and many more.

The second category (Mid-range accommodation).

Mid-range are most recommended lodges in most of the national parks not only in Amboseli national park but also in the most of the parks, These are 3 to 4 star lodges which are inform of lodges and some are safari tented camps, these are far better than the budget accommodations as they are the best as they give great value for the money with great service delivery yet they are affordable. They have the bigger rooms, offers the best service delivery and are mostly located inside the park along the animal corridors. The Mid-range accommodations have got more of the amenities compared to the budget accommodations like the private showers with both cold and hot water, private balcony, Wi-Fi, housekeeping, large self-contained rooms, wifi, laundry services, some are having swimming pools, good restaurants with both the local and the international meals, well stocked bar, DSTV in the rooms and many more. The Mid-range accommodations in Amboseli national park includes Amboseli Sopa lodge, Ol Tukai Lodge, Kilima safari camp, AA Lodge, Maasai Simba camp and many more to thrill with Kenya Safaris Attractions.

Amboseli National Park Accommodation
Maasai Simba camp

The Third category (Luxury accommodation).

Luxury accommodations are the high end or the upmarket lodges that are built in the international levels, these are called the 5 star and above with the most supper luxury amenities. Luxuries provide the guest with the highest level of the comfort which makes the guest to fell more even than home while in the middle of the nature. Most of these  luxury accommodations are built in permanent lodges if tented safari camps they are supper and classic as some of them are in form of the cottages with the more family rooms built in multu-level standard. Their rooms are bigger than those of the Mid-range lodges with mini bars inside the rooms, DSTV inside, Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms with both hot and cold showers, the rooms have king size beds that fit a couple, some rooms are double, deluxe rooms, triple rooms, twin rooms, though room is charged different fees however much they are all in the same range. Their services in any of the rooms are the same, excellent which give the travelers enough time to relax after a long day in the bush. These lodges are mostly liked by the elderly people as they enjoy extra amenities like sauna, gym and many more. Most of the luxury lodges are located close along the animal premises which gives the great views of the low lying plains in the park, as it makes the guest to enjoy the game viewing as your relaxing at your balcony.

Amboseli National Park Accommodation
Kibo safari camp

Luxury accommodations in Amboseli national park includes The Cliff camp, House of Waine, Amboseli Serena Safari lodge, Tawi Lodge, Kibo safari camp and many more.

As you’re making the right choice of any accommodation in Amboseli national park you need a good guidance from one of your tour operators, as the reason to why our guests always enjoy the best African tours because we choose the best accommodation for them depending on their proposed budget, which makes them to enjoy the beautiful breeze of Africa.

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