Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park: Lake Nakuru National Park is simply beautiful located in central Kenya in the Great Rift Valley; the park offers its visitors several engaging activities that make your visit to the park not just memorable but a fulfilling trip. 

Lake Nakuru National Park is home to a wide range of bird life ranging from the famous flamingos to pelicans, African fish eagle, chattering weaver, flouncing ostrich, the jaunty ox-pecker, swooping bee eater, iridescent sunbird, glimming starling and many more. Lake Nakuru National Park also boasts over 50 mammal species including the Rhinos (black and white) in the Rhino sanctuary, Rothchild’s giraffe, buffalos, baboons, hippos, waterbucks, zebras, Impalas and many more. 

On top of the wildlife and the birdlife Lake Nakuru National park has very beautiful rocky viewpoints that visitors to the park can go to for refreshing and exquisite picnics as well as breath-taking views of the lake, the park and the surrounding areas. 

One of the rocky viewpoints in Lake Nakuru National Park is amazingly beautiful cliff Baboon cliff that is a must stop for picnicking, bird watching, lake viewing and game viewing 

The Baboon Cliff is located on the north-western side of Lake Nakuru national park along the western shores of Lake Nakuru. The Baboon Cliff is the most popular view point in Lake Nakuru National park and the most visited of all the viewpoints in the park. 

The Baboon Cliff gets its name from the baboons that are common around that cliff and normally interact with the people that visit the Baboon Cliff. 

The Baboon Cliff is well organised with resting shades, car park area, sitting facilities and washrooms for its guests; so you can enjoy your moments at the cliff without worrying about these other details. 

The Baboon cliff, is set above the park’s ground level, high but not so high on an edge of the cliff; the way the Cliff is set it gives it unmatchable views of lake Nakuru, flamingos on the lake, the park and surrounding areas. 

The Baboon cliff is very good for relaxing, having a meal picnic and watching baboons from the comfort of your car, bird watching especially the flamingos and birds on the lake and enjoy the park’s views at large. 

The only downside about this Cliff is because baboons are common in this spot, these baboons are known to raid cars for food scraps, so they can somehow ruin your picnic time or your viewing experience; what most people do though is they go to the Baboon cliff in the morning before the baboons come and take over the place. However sometimes the baboons are already there when you go and some people just still go to the cliff during the day to also experience the baboons. You just need to be aware that the baboons may show up when you are at the cliff. If a baboon shows up, just stay still and confident don’t panic or show fear, it will walk away after a short while. 

A visit to the Baboon Cliff can be done as a standalone activity where you spend most of your time on the cliff exploring the different viewpoints of the cliff; or you can do it as an addition activity to your game drive through the park, bird watching etc and spend just a few moments at the cliff enjoying the view and interacting with baboons. 

If your plan on making the most of the view, which means staying at the Baboon Cliff for most of the day exploring everything the Baboon Cliff, has to offer, then you will need to pack snacks or meals for your time there. You can get picnic meals from your accommodation or you can just make your own if you wish to or prefer to.

You can access the Baboon cliff by road, the road network in Lake Nakuru National Park is well developed so driving to the cliff wouldn’t be tiring. A drive to the cliff is a few minutes from the park’s main entrance gate; you drive south from the main gate on a fairly good road with a few steep points as you approach the Cliff.

Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park
Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

If you get to Lake Nakuru National Park by air, you will still need a car to drive to the Baboon Cliff because the Cliff is quite far from the Naishi airstrip. 

The most famous attractions near the Baboon Cliff are:- Lake Nakuru unmatchable view, the flamingos and other birds, the baboons and the surroundings savannah vegetation that can be viewed from above.

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