Best Kenya safari activities

Best Kenya safari activities : So, what kinds of things can you do while you’re on safari? Each of the things below should go a long way towards making your safari more fun. Seize the chance with both hands. Take a look: Kenya has various Kenya safari activities that will give you unforgettable safari memories.

Game Drives.

 Game drives in 4×4 vehicles, either open or closed (with a pop-top), are pretty normal on safaris. You can go with other camp guests or with your own driver/guide in a private vehicle. People say that going on a game drive is like going to the movies and that going on a guided walk is like reading the book. I’m not sure if anyone has ever said that, but you get the idea. When you walk, you notice more of the little things, and the big things look even bigger!

 Walking safari.

Most camps and lodges where walking is allowed will also offer guided walks. Most walking on safari happens in the morning with an armed (and licenced) guide, and it usually only lasts a couple of hours. Be aware that some of the walks offered are really just nature walks that take place close to camp or inside it. There are also places to walk and camps along the paths. In recent years, the real hiking trail, where you walk from one camp to the next, has become a little less exciting. Now, most of it is a walking camp, from which walking is the main safari activity (though game rides are also available). There aren’t many real trails left to walk on. Walking treks in Kenya’s Laikipia and Loita Hills are a little different and are a lot of fun. Here, they will put all of your camping stuff on a line of camels (or mule) and pull it across the open savannah while Maasai guides lead the way.

Balloon Safaris.

 I think that going on safari is one of the best places to enjoy a kite ride. It’s a great thing to do while on vacation. Fly a balloon over the grasslands of Masai Mara or Serengeti, or over the beautiful Amboseli national park in these two safari destinations that’s where the balloon safaris can be done on a Kenya safari.

Best Kenya safari activities
Hot Air Balloon Safari

Horse Riding.

If you ride horses often or even just on the weekends and are good at it, getting close to some of Africa’s wildlife on horseback might be the most exciting thing you can do. If you want to do this, you will need to find a well-known horseback tour company with well-trained horses and skilled guides. Laikipia, Chyulu Hills, and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, and among many others offers you the perfect horse riding safaris.

Microlight and Helicopter Flights.

On safari, you can take small charter planes to get from one camp to another or from one game reserve to another, like from Samburu to Masai Mara in Kenya. From the air, these trips give you a great view of these areas, so you should always have your camera ready. Fast shutter speed, at least 1/500, and, if you have one, a polarizing screen. But if you have the chance, you should definitely take a microlight ride, or set up a full air trip along Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

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