Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha

Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha

Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha  : Lake Naivasha is a recognized as a Ramsar Site and the second site listed by Kenya as a wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar convention, the lake lies on the Rift Valley approximately 80 kilometers north-west of Nairobi.

Lake Naivasha consists of a shallow freshwater lake and fringing Acacia woodland, the lake’s water is supplied by the permanent Malewa and Gilgil  and the seasonal Karati rivers which all drain the Aberdare Mountains along with substantial ground-water seepage.

Lake Naivasha is the highest of the Rift Valley Lakes liening at 1,880 meters and is the second largest freshwater lake and is one of the only 2 freshwater lakes in Kenya.

Lake Naivasha is one of the best birding destinations in Kenya with a fascinating birdlife of over 350 species of birds, the bird population is supported by the availability of dense vegetation at the lake edge.

Lake Naivasha is a diverse water bird community with more than 80 species, abundant Paleartic  ducks most especially in November and February, the lake is famous known for its high density of African Fish Eagles nesting in the surrounding Acacia woodland and regionally threatened species include Podiceps cristatus, Oxyura maccoa, Anhinga rufa, Casmerodius albus, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis, Thalassornis leuconotus, Porzana pusilla, Rynchops flavirostris, and the Phalacrocorax carbo. Globally threatened species include Grey-crested Helmeted-shrike, Basra Reed Warbler, Lesser Flamingo, along with large congregations of Red-knobbed Coot, African Spoonbill, and Little Grebe.

Ducks: Anatidae

Fulvous Whistling-Duck

White-backed Duck

Egyptian Goose


Blue-billed Teal

Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha
Blue-billed Teal

Northern Shoveler

Yellow-billed Duck

Red-billed Duck

Northern Pintail

Southern Pochard

Tufted Duck

Maccoa Duck

Guineafowl: Numididae

Helmeted Guineafowl

Pheasants, Grouse, and Allies: Phasianidae

Coqui Francolin

Common Quail

Flamingos: Phoenicopteridae

Greater Flamingo

Lesser Flamingo

Grebes: Podicipedidae

Little Grebe

Pigeons and Doves: Columbidae

Speckled Pigeon

Mourning Collared-Dove

Red-eyed Dove

Ring-necked Dove

Laughing Dove

Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove

Namaqua Dove

Cuckoos: Cuculidae

Red-chested Cuckoo

Black Cuckoo

Common Cuckoo

White-browed Coucal

Great Spotted Cuckoo

Klaas’s Cuckoo

Dideric Cuckoo

Dideric Cuckoo

Nightjars and Allies: Caprimulgidae

Eurasian Nightjar


Swifts: Apodidae

Common Swift

Nyanza Swift

Horus Swift

Rails, Gallinules, and Coots: Rallidae

African Rail

African Crake

Lesser Moorhen

Eurasian Moorhen

Red-knobbed Coot

African Swamphen

Striped Crake

Black Crake


Cranes: Gruidae

Gray Crowned-Crane


Thick-knees: Burhinidae

Eurasian Thick-knee

Stilts and Avocets: Recurvirostridae

Black-winged Stilt

Pied Avocet

Plovers and Lapwings: Charadriidae

Black-bellied Plover

Long-toed Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing

Spur-winged Lapwing

Senegal Lapwing

Crowned Lapwing

Lesser Sand-Plover

Greater Sand-Plover

Caspian Plover

Kittlitz’s Plover

Common Ringed Plover

Little Ringed Plover

Three-banded Plover


Jacanas: Jacanidae

African Jacana Actophilornis africanus

Sandpipers and Allies: Scolopacidae


Bar-tailed Godwit

Black-tailed Godwit

Ruddy Turnstone


Curlew Sandpiper

Temminck’s Stint


Little Stint

Terek Sandpiper

Great Snipe

Common Snipe

African Snipe

Common Sandpiper

Green Sandpiper

Spotted Redshank

Common Greenshank

Marsh Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper

Common Redshank

Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha
Common Redshank

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers: Laridae

Gray-hooded Gull

Black-headed Gull

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Gull-billed Tern

White-winged Tern

Whiskered Tern

African Skimmer


Storks: Ciconiidae

African Openbill

Black Stork

White Stork

Saddle-billed Stork

Marabou Stork

Yellow-billed Stork

Cormorants and Shags: Phalacrocoracidae

Long-tailed Cormorant

Great Cormorant


Pelicans: Pelecanidae

Great White Pelican

Pink-backed Pelican

Hamerkop: Scopidae


Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns: Ardeidae

Gray Heron

Black-headed Heron

Goliath Heron

Purple Heron

Great Egret

Intermediate Egret

Little Egret

Black Heron

Cattle Egret

Squacco Heron

Striated Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Ibises and Spoonbills: Threskiornithidae

Glossy Ibis

African Sacred Ibis

Hadada Ibis

Eurasian Spoonbill

African Spoonbill

Secretary-bird: Sagittariidae


Osprey: Pandionidae


Hawks, Eagles, and Kites: Accipitridae

Black-winged Kite

European Honey-buzzard

Long-crested Eagle

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Greater Spotted Eagle

Wahlberg’s Eagle

Booted Eagle

Steppe Eagle

Imperial Eagle

Verreaux’s Eagle

Grasshopper Buzzard

Eurasian Marsh-Harrier

African Marsh-Harrier

Pallid Harrier

Little Sparrowhawk

Black Goshawk

Black Kite

African Fish-Eagle

Augur Buzzard


Owls: Strigidae

Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl


Mousebirds: Coliidae

Speckled Mousebird


Hoopoes: Upupidae

African Hoopoe

Woodhoopoes and Scimitarbills: Phoeniculidae

Green Woodhoopoe

Violet Woodhoopoe

Common Scimitarbill


Hornbills: Bucerotidae

Crowned Hornbill

African Gray Hornbill

Kingfishers: Alcedinidae

Malachite Kingfisher

African Pygmy Kingfisher

Gray-headed Kingfisher

Giant Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher

Bee-eaters: Meropidae

White-fronted Bee-eater

White-throated Bee-eater

Madagascar Bee-eater

European Bee-eater

Northern Carmine Bee-eater

Rollers: Coraciidae

European Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller

African Barbets: Lybiidae

White-headed Barbet


Honeyguides: Indicatoridae

Green-backed Honeyguide

Wahlberg’s Honeyguide

Lesser Honeyguide

Greater Honeyguide

Woodpeckers: Picidae

African Gray Woodpecker

Nubian Woodpecker


Falcons and Caracaras: Falconidae

Lesser Kestrel

Eurasian Kestrel

Greater Kestrel Falco

Amur Falcon

Eleonora’s Falcon

Sooty Falcon

Eurasian Hobby

Saker Falcon


Parrots: Psittaculidae

Fischer’s Lovebird

Yellow-collared Lovebird


Old World Orioles: Oriolidae

Eurasian Golden Oriole

African Black-headed Oriole


Wattle-eyes and Batises: Platysteiridae

Chinspot Batis

Bushshrikes: Malaconotidae

Brubru  Nilaus afer

Tropical Boubou

Sulphur-breasted Bushshrike

Drongos: Dicruridae

Fork-tailed Drongo


Monarch Flycatchers: Monarchidae

  • African Paradise-Flycatcher


Shrikes: Laniidae

  • Red-backed Shrike
  • Isabelline Shrike
  • Lesser Gray Shrike
  • Gray-backed Fiscal
  • Northern Fiscal


Crows, Jays, and Magpies: Corvidae

Cape Crow

Pied Crow

Tits, Chickadees, and Titmice: Paridae

White-bellied Tit


Penduline-Tits: Remizidae

Mouse-colored Penduline-Tit

African Penduline-Tit


Larks: Alaudidae

Rufous-naped Lark

Red-capped Lark

Nicators: Nicatoridae

Eastern Nicator Nicator gularis

African Warblers: Macrosphenidae

Northern Crombec

Red-faced Crombec


Cisticolas and Allies: Cisticolidae

Gray-backed Camaroptera

Buff-bellied Warbler

Yellow-breasted Apalis

Gray Apalis

Tawny-flanked Prinia

Gray-capped Warbler

Rattling Cisticola

Winding Cisticola

Stout Cisticola

Zitting Cisticola

Reed Warblers and Allies: Acrocephalidae

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

African Yellow-Warbler

Olive-tree Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Marsh Warbler

Eurasian Reed Warbler

Basra Reed Warbler

Lesser Swamp Warbler

Greater Swamp Warbler

Great Reed Warbler

Swallows: Hirundinidae

Plain Martin

Bank Swallow

Banded Martin

Barn Swallow

Angola Swallow

Red-rumped Swallow

Lesser Striped Swallow

Common House-Martin

Bulbuls: Pycnonotidae

Cabanis’s Greenbul

Common Bulbul

Leaf Warblers: Phylloscopidae

Willow Warbler

Brown Woodland-Warbler


Sylviid Warblers, Parrotbills, and Allies: Sylviidae

Eurasian Blackcap

Garden Warbler

African Hill Babbler

Greater Whitethroat

White-eyes, Yuhinas, and Allies: Zosteropidae

Kikuyu White-eye

Northern Yellow White-eye

Laughingthrushes and Allies: Leiothrichidae

Arrow-marked Babbler

Black-lored Babbler

Oxpeckers: Buphagidae

Red-billed Oxpecker

Starlings: Sturnidae

Wattled Starling

Red-winged Starling

Waller’s Starling

Hildebrandt’s Starling

Rueppell’s Starling

Superb Starling

Lesser Blue-eared Starling

Greater Blue-eared Starling

Thrushes and Allies: Turdidae

Abyssinian Thrush


Old World Flycatchers: Muscicapidae

Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha

Spotted Flycatcher

African Gray Flycatcher

White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher

Cape Robin-Chat

Rueppell’s Robin-Chat

White-browed Robin-Chat

White-starred Robin

Brown-chested Alethe

Thrush Nightingale

Common Nightingale

Common Redstart

Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush


African Stonechat

Northern Anteater-Chat

Northern Wheatear

Capped Wheatear

Isabelline Wheatear

Pied Wheatear

Sunbirds and Spiderhunters: Nectariniidae

Collared Sunbird

Amethyst Sunbird

Scarlet-chested Sunbird

Bronze Sunbird

Golden-winged Sunbird

Red-chested Sunbird

Variable Sunbird

Weavers and Allies: Ploceidae

White-browed Sparrow-Weaver

Red-headed Weaver

Baglafecht Weaver

Spectacled Weaver

Holub’s Golden-Weaver

Lesser Masked-Weaver

Speke’s Weaver

Red-billed Quelea

White-winged Widowbird

Waxbills and Allies: Estrildidae

Common Waxbill

Purple Grenadier

Red-billed Firefinch

African Firefinch

Indigobirds: Viduidae

Pin-tailed Whydah

Village Indigobird

Old World Sparrows: Passeridae

Bird Checklist of Lake Naivasha

House Sparrow domesticus

Kenya Rufous Sparrow

Chestnut Sparrow

Wagtails and Pipits: Motacillidae

Cape Wagtail

Western Yellow Wagtail

African Pied Wagtail

White Wagtail

African Pipit

Tree Pipit

Red-throated Pipit

Sharpe’s Longclaw

Yellow-throated Longclaw

Finches, Euphonias, and Allies: Fringillidae

African Citril

White-bellied Canary

Brimstone Canary

Streaky Seedeater

Thick-billed Seedeater

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