5 Days Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, & Lake Nakuru Wildlife Safari

Book your safari in advance  

Book your safari in advance  

Book your safari in advance   : Having a safari is such a beautiful thing; in you’re a travel enthusiast we know your always looking out for places to travel and have a wonderful time. We also know most travelers opt for safaris in East Africa and Africa at large.

As you opt for an African safari, most times you are tempted to wait for the period to approach and then book the safari however, we advise that you always make your safari bookings way in advance and here some of the reasons why you should book you safari in advance.

  1. Variety of options

When you book your safari in advance you will have a chance to have a variety of options for safari activities, accommodation facilities, dates etc. Everything is still available so you have the opportunity to choose from the line of options unlike in the last minute booking where you have to go with what’s available.

  1. Great deals

We all want great deals, don’t we? Well booking in advance can get you great deals on your safari, because there is no competition for services you can get a discount easily and also remember you may the first person to book with a facility or for a safari program so you chances of getting discounts still are high.

The other thing is there are usual discounts for people who book safaris in advance which means even without bargaining you will still have a great deal at the end of the day.

Book your safari in advance  
Book your safari in advance
  1. Instalment payment plan

When you book you safari a few days to the safari you are always required to make either 90% of payments of full payments; as you understand its last minute so there is no room to wait. However when you book in advance, you have a chance to pay in instalments because the safari is far ahead you can break down the payments and pay them slowly until the time of the lockdown. This reduces the pressure on you to have all the money at once before you book a safari.

  1. Details

Booking your safari in advance will give and the tour consultant/operator to pay attention to all the details of the safari and make sure nothing is left uncovered for. This is because there is ample time to go over all your safari needs, itinerary and everything. Yet booking so close to the safari may not give you this chance.

  1. Greatly eliminate disappointments

Though disappointments sometimes are unavoidable because of natural occurrences, government laws etc. Booking your safari in advance can help you avoid these disappointments. As you plan the safari you keep up with the general development and when something that looks like a disappointment happens, you have a solution for it and have a way of working around it unlike when you book so close to the safari and you’re caught off guard.

  1. First priority

When you book in advance you become the first priority for your tour operator and other tour service providers. And because of this you have assurance of getting all the safari services you need. Even in time of scarcity, you be considered first.

  1. Ample time for tour operator to plan

The best thing about booking in advance is that you give the tour operator ample time to plan your safari to the tee. This is really helpful is you are looking for a tailor made safe, the tour operator is able to put every detail for the safari in time and the time of your safari will be a blast with everything.

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