Camel ride safaris in Kenya

Camel ride safaris in Kenya takes place through travelling the northern Kenya. For avery magnificent safari memories take on a Kenya’s best safari experiences by trying a camel ride through the country’s nothernern wilderness. This is where the travelers enjoy Kenya’s wilderness while sited at the back of the camel, this is the unique safari activity where it suits your needs and interests when you are clearly witnessing the nature.

On a Kenya safari camel ride safaris takes place in the various lodges in Laikipia, Northern Kenya that includes Sasaab, Sabuk, Loisaba, Tassia, this is where the travelers experience the longer camel walks out into the wilderness. Other destinations where camel rides safari takes place includes Lewa house, Lewa Wilderness, Lewa safari camp, Ol Malo and Sosian.

Camel rides usually takes place in the cost of your stay at the above lodges, on your Kenya safari if you make a choice in the above lodges then you can take part in the camel safari.

Camel rides in Laikipia Kenya takes place early in the morning with the rising sun, you can be served with the delicious breakfast that be prepared by the passionate chefs and after immediately you begin with the journey. With the company of the well experienced Samburu tribesmen and camels carrying the camp or ride in the bush in the northern beautiful land of Kenya. As this is the fun-filled alternative to the traditional game viewing experience that the travelers do experience, as the activity gives the guests to get close with the plains like the giraffes, zebras, ostrich and among others.

During the camel ride safaris is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to explore the entire northern Kenya. As this gives you the best safari memories as it takes you to fully enjoy the surrounding and the ever serene environment while sited at the back of the camel together with the presence of the guide that gives you the information about the Laikipia northern part of Kenya.

Camel ride safaris in Kenya
Camel ride safaris in Kenya

Camels in northern Kenya are such friendly and very even tempered. Some of the camels are kept as livestock for their milk and meat. An increasingly popular way to prove the Kenyan wilderness is a top these humped ungulates but riding on a camel with the tinkle of the chiming camel bells is a once in a life time experience.

Camel ride safari in Kenya is such fascinating way to feel that you are part of the bush, as much can be missed on a game vehicle but during the camel ride safari it’s your priority to the teeniest tiniest things. As this gives you the most comfortable leisurely pace of the sight, smelling and feeling the natural movement through the wild on the camel, harmonious and its one point where with the pulse of the nature is beyond the extraordinary.

Camel ride safaris is your entire life better way to experience the raw grit and the earthiness of the African bush, this is the gorgeous safari experience and the memories that will forever take you from are worth the bit of discomfort that you will inevitably endure, while exploring the number of destinations from one camp to another.

Best to do camel ride safari in Kenya.

December to March are the warmest months and the usually the driest. This is the period when the scenery is all over so lovely, and this is a place you visit for more than just wildlife, however if you are so keen you can see the game. Then July to October and January to March are probably the best times to do camel rides in the northern Kenya.

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