Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park

Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park

Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park

Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park: Lake Nakuru national park is one of the premium sites for bird watching in Kenya; the park is popular for  being a bird habitat, with over 400 bird species making their life in the park on the park’s lake; Lake Nakuru. The main bird attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park are the troops of pink flamingos that are always crowding the shores of lake Nakuru together with other birds that include but limited to:- Maccoa duck, Shining sunbird, Montane white-eye, Rufous-throated wryneck, Slender-billed greenbul, Rüppell’s vulture, Rüppell’s robin-chat, Schalow’s wheatear and many more.

Lake Nakuru National Park is also a mammal habitat with over 50 mammal species living in the park. The park is a Rhino sanctuary, so it also has quite a large number of mammals living in the park. Other mammals in the park include lions, buffalos, leopards, zebras, warthogs, baboons, hippos and many more. 

Well because Lake Nakuru National Park is a bird hub and a game hub, people are always flocking this park to expereicnce the numerous birds and animals that live in the park, but on top of that people visit to the park to engage in several other activities like camping in the savannahs of the park.  

Camping is an exciting adventure that allows you to sleep under the sky in the wild to experience nature and the wild first-hand. Lake Nakuru National Park being one of the top camping destinations in Kenya, its gives campers more than just sleeping the under sky in tents; campers in lake Nakuru National Park get to enjoy the unique vegetation of the park, the semi-humid weather and if one is lucky they get to see a few animals up close. 

Lake Nakuru National Park has about 7 operational camping sites that a spread in the northern and southern parts of the park; each camping site being unique in its own right and offering campers a special camping experience. 

Camping in Lake Nakuru National Park is sometimes coupled with picnic experiences across the different park scenic view points; though the camp sites are different from the view points, campers can have a picnic at any view point during the day and then pitch tent at one of the camp sites during the night. 

Campers can expect to enjoy cool weather in the night, beautiful sky views, magnificent views of the concentrated flamingos resembling a pink blanket covering the surface of Lake Nakuru and scenic views of the surrounding areas in the park. 

The different campsites give opportunities to the campers to camp at environment friendly camps that contribute to environmental conservation of the park. Almost all campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park have erected permanent structures so when the sleeping tents go down the lands are back to the wild nature. 

Some of the campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park include but not limited to:-

  • Enjoro campsite: This campsite is just next to the park’s main gate hence very accessible and the most used by the park’s visitors. The camp has a fairly good view of the lake and the surrounding. Because it’s very accessible, it always has crowds of people so for people that yearn for a serene secluded place; this is not the campsite for you. But it’s a good campsite for people camping in a group.
  • Nakuru Tented Camp: Nakuru Teented camp is one of the quiet and calm campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park, because its located somewhat in the middle of the park, people don’t flock it a lot so it’s less crowded and less noisy. Because of its location guests at this campsite have a chance to take a walk or a drive in the nearby forest to view animals and enjoy nature.
  • Mbweha Camp: Mbweha campsite is known to be the most delightful campsite with the most adorable game viewing, bird watching and nature experiences. Hidden in lush trees south of Lake Nakuru National Park on the southern border, the campsite is one of the best bird watching spots in the park; it gives its visitors great views of almost all the bird species that stay on Lake Nakuru especially the flamingos. The site is within the plains so guests at this site have a chance to see quite a number of animal species up close. It’s a quiet and serene campsite and less crowded. This campsite is also the only place in East Africa with all the three species of Jackal thus the Side-striped jackal, the Golden jackal and the Silver-backed jackal. 
  • Flamingo Hill Tented Camp: Located on the shores lake Nakuru within Lake Nakuru National Park, this campsite is considered a luxury campsite and is the most on demand campsite because it’s gives campers the best birding view points, you’re up close and personal with all the birds on the lake especially the flamingos.  This campsite is normally flocked by videographers and photographers trying to capture the beautiful scenery of the lake, birds and the surroundings.
  • Lakira Camp: Also a considered a luxury campsite, this site is located at within lake Nakuru National park at the edges of Lake Nakuru. The campsite is quite far from all the park activities so it offers its guest a calm, quiet and intimate experience.  At this site you have fairly good views of the lake and the flamingos and surrounding.
Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park
Campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Rhino Campsite: Known as the most traditional or basic campsite in lake Nakuru National Park, the site’s greatest selling point is its unmatched views of the endangered rhinos in the park. This campsite is basic to the detail and guests who visit this site have the real meaning of camping without any additives.
  • Makalia Falls Campsite: One of the beautiful campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park, with great experiences of the waterfalls breeze and sounds and game viewing especially herds of buffalos. Like the Rhino Campsite, this too is a basic campsite and gives its campers the real experience of camping.
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