Crater Lake game sanctuary

Crater Lake game sanctuary is a small private sanctuary centered around a volcanic crater lake with spectacular green water, it is located about 10 kilometers from Naivasha town and about 90 kilometers from the Nairobi city. The Crater Lake game sanctuary attracts more flamingos because of the spectacular green water, and there is presence of the various game which are inhabited by the various forests and plains that are surrounded by the Crater Lake. The sanctuary is a tourism safari for every tourist and it is suitable to be explored on the foot as to come closer to every game present in the sanctuary.

Crater Lake game sanctuary is a Kenya birding safari destination with over 170 bird species including the Greater and Lesser flamingos, little grebes, cape teal and ruff’s, Great white pelican, whiskered tern, Maribou, Grey and black headed heron, African fish eagle, yellow-billed storks, pied avocets, Egyptian geese and among others in the sanctuary these can be viewed by the bird watchers on their safari to the crater lake game sanctuary in Lake Naivasha, the bird lovers can enjoy these various colorful and beautiful bird species in the sanctuary which they never ever  miss out on their birding safari in Kenya.

Crater Lake game sanctuary
Crater Lake game sanctuary

Crater Lake game sanctuary has a variety of the mammal  species that are also attracted by very many tourists in the sanctuary like the giraffes, zebras and also other plains wildlife are also regular residents, on a safari to the sanctuary there  is a green soda lake at the bottom of an extinct volcano on the western side of Lake Naivasha and north of the village of Kongani, which also acts as the trail for the hikers along the steep to the rim of the crater, along that trail it leds you to the impressive and beautiful vegetation around the crater where the traveler can be able to observe various bird species found in the crater lake game sanctuary still  on the walking safari you will be able to spot the animal species of the sanctuary which are the regular residents like the  giraffes, eland, baboon, black and white colobus monkeys, zebras and the buffaloes in the woods.

During your walking safari you ca as well proceed to the current capacity of the beautiful volcanic crater and as well you can observe down the green lake in the crater, where also the depending on the water levels of other Rift Valley lakes, where you can spot various flamingos on the lake and many other bird species.

It is so unique being the crater lake it has the alkaline chemistry, that is because of its dominant phytoplankton (microscopic primary producers in the surface layers of the water) are called the cynobacteria also known as the blue-green bacteria. They got his name because of their appearance that is the color because it is caused by the pigment in the addition to the green chlorophyll, known as the phycocyanin, they are the uncommon amongst in all the bacteria in being able to photosynthesis in the presence of oxygen. The Crater Lake game sanctuary is having the specie known as the Arthrospira fusiformis, formerly known as the spirulina, which is the major food for the lesser flamingo, that’s why the Crater Lake game sanctuary holds the lesser flamingos.

Crater Lake game sanctuary in its hidden corner of Kenya’s rift valley with a camp above the lake which is the   Crater Lake camp, the Crater Lake camp offers the travelers with the hidden gem of the sanctuary that is the various animal species and the bird species, this is only one and a half hours from the downtown Nairobi. Crater Lake camp is amazing and known as the perfect stopover en-route to the Nakuru and the Maasai Mara game reserve as well as the magical destination itself in Naivasha. Crater lake camp is such a serene lodge that is found inside the extinct volcano crater that offers a truly unique experience to all the visitors, it has 13 tents and a 4 family style rooms of which all the tents are along the lakefront and all have the balcons so therefore the guests can enjoy the awesome uninterrupted views of the volcanic lake.

Crater Lake game sanctuary
Lesser flamingos.

Guests on a safari to the Crater Lake camp are provided with a variety of the activities that are done by the tourists like the cycling, bird watching, night or the day game drives, horse riding, guided nature walks, sundowners and many others in the camp.

Crater Lake game sanctuary is located on the 10,000 acres and also its well known as the famous hilltop grave where Happy Valley’s tragic heroine known as Lady Diana Delamere was buried with her two husbands that were known as Thomas Delamere and Gilbert Colvile so on a safari to the sanctuary will be able to see these graves. Select Crater Lake game sanctuary on your safari your will be filled with the entire nature of Kenya and consider it will give you all the best about the sanctuary and the entire tourism of Kenya.

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