Diani Chale Marine national reserve

Diani Chale Marine national reserve is located 35km to the south of Mombasa, the Diani Chale marine national reserve is one of the most beautiful area of the Kenyan coast. Diani Chale Marine National Reserve was established in 1995 mainly to offer refuge to endangered fish species and coral reefs. The marine extends from Tiwi Estuary in the north to Chale Island in the south in Kenya. Diani Chale Marine National Reserve features a wide range of fish and coral gardens that make it one of the best destinations that you should consider a must to include in your bucket list during your Kenya Tour.

Diani Chale Marine national Reserve is famous for its varied marine experiences most of which include traditional dhow fishing tours, windsurfing, kite surfing, under water exploration, sailing, snorkeling, water sports as well as excursions in the glass bottomed boat viewing experiences.

Attractions in Diani Chale Marine National Reserve.

Galu beach.

Galu Beach is located in south Kenya, the beach area is strikingly with the most beautiful, with the clearest skies and the amazing ocean, there is also forty Thieves Bar in the area which features the entertainment spot in the southern coast of Kenya. Galu Beach is the most conducive beach and attractive one which any one should not miss using his or her vacation in Kenya while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

Diani Chale Marine national reserve
Galu beach

Coral Reefs.

Diani Chale Marine national reserve is also attracted because of the coral reefs in the reserve. Coral reefs these are massive structures made of limestone deposited by coral polyps referred to as the ‘’ rainforests of the sea’’, coral reefs support approximately 25 percentage which are known as marine species.

Fish species.

The  Reserve is also known for its   marine life, the reserve is famous because of various many types of fish, several fish species here depend on coral reefs for survival like the sea turtles, crabs, jellyfish and many more because the coral reefs provide shelter, spawning grounds and protection from predators as well as they support organisms at the base of ocean food chains in the reserve.

Activities done in Diani Chale Marine National Reserve.

Wind surfing.

Wind surfing in the reserve is done by the tourists during their visit in the reserve this activity is done by engaging in the sport of riding water on a sailboard.

Kite surfing.

The guests who visit Diani Chale National Reserve are always attracted by the kite surfing in the reserve which is a wind powered surface watersport using a kite and a board to move across the water which gives the good experience to the tourists who engage themselves in the activity.

Diani Chale Marine national reserve
Kite surfing

Under water exploration.

In Diani Chale National reserve there is an activity that the guests carryout during their visit in the marine that is the underwater exploration, this is the activity done to investigate of underground formations to understand the hydrologic cycle, know the ground water quality, and identify the nature, number and type of the a aquifers with the water body which is the marine.


Sailing in Diani Chale National Reserve is as well enjoyed by the guests on the marine in the reserve, this is the sport of using wind to power sails and propel the boat forward rather than using the engines, this activity is mostly liked by more tourists as at the same time they enjoy the marine water in the reserve.


Snorkeling can also be done on the Diani Chale Marine and this is where the tourists engage themselves in the activity of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, this activity provides the opportunity to observe underwater life in the reserve like the different fish species.

Bottomed glass boat viewing.

The  Reserve offers the bottomed glass boat viewing to those to prefer to explore the marine while dry should check out boats equipped with a glass bottom to obtain an insight into amazing world under water, in the bottom glass boat you can observe what is happening in the water right below your feet.

Where to stay in Diani Chale Marine National Reserve.

The most reliable safaris in the  Reserve are only provided when there are comfortable accommodation facilities for the visitor to stay over. There are many options of the accommodation facilities for the guests with the most comfortable beddings, the accommodations are located within and nearby that as follows; Afrika Pearl and Spa, Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort, Coconut Beach Apartments, The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel, Sea Breeze Villas, Bahari Dhow Beach Villas, Diani Bay Resort, Swahili Beach Resort, Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Research and among many more.

Entrance fees in Diani Chale Marine National Reserve.

Category Citizens (KSH) Residents (KSH) Non- Residents (USD)
Adult 130 300 17
Child 125 170 13

How to get to Diani Chale Marine National Reserve.

The reserve can be accessed by both the road and the air means of transport from Nairobi to reach the reserve.

By Road means.

The distance between Nairobi and the reserve is 533.3km through the Mombasa and using private car or the public means like the buses takes you 9 hours and 10 minutes to reach the reserve.

By Flight means.

There are a number of flights from Nairobi to the reserve and this approximately flight time is 1 hour 10 minutes, depending on the airline your using such as the Jambojet, safari link, skyward express, east African Safari Air Express, Fly 540, Silverstone Air.

Diani Chale Marine National Reserve is the one of the most incredible destinations that defines the most attractive nature by bearing the most endangered fish species, coral gardens, perfect sands that are good for honey moon which rewards visitors during the their visit, as well there are lots of interesting marine activities for you to thrill your mind and leave unforgettable memory in your entire life.

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