Facts About Mount Kenya

Facts About Mount Kenya : Mount Kenya is the most incredible tourist attraction in Kenya. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, this is an extinct volcano which means that the mountain will never again erupt though Mount Kenya is located at the south of the equator, and most of the places located near the equator are hot, therefore the features like the mountains are high with the availability of the peaks that can be covered with the ice known as the glaciers.

Facts about Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya is located in Mount Kenya national park, where the park is the tourist destination to various tourists who come to explore the wildlife that is found in the park, when the tourists come to explore Mount Kenya they can be rewarded with the chances of spotting the various animal species that are present in the park including the leopards, elephants, black rhinoceroses and among many others and as well as the beautiful bird species.

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and it’s the second highest mountain in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro, with the most loved peaks including the Batian Nelion, Lenana. This makes the mountain to be the great feature because of its magnificent landscape that provides Kenya, hence boasting its tourism.

Facts About Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya’s summit was first explored during the year 1899 13th September by Sir Halford John Mackinder, Cesar Ollier, Joself Brocherel, these are such great people in the history of  exploring the highest mountain in Kenya though there were challenges, like lack of food, murder, theft, the group decided to hike and reach to the highest mountain in Kenya.

The highest peak on Mount Kenya is 5199 meters called the Batian, then the second one is the Nelion which is at 5188 meters and the mountain has got the third point which is Lenana and it has got the 4985 meters, this makes Mount Kenya the most trekking destination in the entire Africa because every tourist who visit the country feel like experiencing its hiking hence it’s the best one.

Mount Kenya is the vital and was inscribed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site, the mountain is regarded among the most fascinating landscapes in the entire world of the Eastern Africa, with its jagged glacier-clad peaks, afro-alpine moorlands and again it has got the variety of the forests, and a lot of the vegetation that explains its amazing exceptional ecological processes.

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano that originally rose and estimated 3 million years ago and it last erupted about 2.6 million years ago, then Mount Kenya national park was established in 1949 and during 1978 the site was renamed and it became the UNESCO biosphere Reserve before finally being named a UNESCO World heritage site in 1997.

Mount Kenya can be best visited during the period of December to March are the most sunniest and the driest months and again perhaps the best time to explore, hike the second highest mountain in Kenya. Though there are other some cloudy periods and the rain from the month of March to May, and drizzle from October to early December these months limits the tourists who come to visit Mount Kenya from getting the clear views hence not friendly and which will not give the best time to the tourists to hike the mountain, but however Mount Kenya national park is open all the year around so the tourists who come to Kenya can visit the park all the year around.

Mount Kenya has got its rugged glacier-clad summits and the forested middle slopes, the mountain is more than being the Africa’s highest mountain, the forest is again one of the most beautiful, and the mountain supports a wide range of the pristine wilderness that is from the rainforest clumped with the bamboo to the moorland with the heather and lobelia.

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