How safe is Tanzania for tourists

How safe is Tanzania for tourists : You will be travelling outside of the cities throughout your Tanzania safari vacation, which lowers the likelihood of crime. The majority of your time will be spent in wildlife reserves and national parks, which are located distant from populated areas. Tanzanian safaris are usually extremely safe, and knowledgeable guides are trained to handle interactions with wildlife.

It is recommended that first-time safari visitors familiarize themselves with the nation by doing independent study and discussing any concerns they may have with their travel agent. The greatest method to feel at ease before a vacation is to do this.

Please Note: Research is vital, but it’s easy to get mislead. Every year, thousands of trips go to Tanzania’s amazing wildlife areas without any mishap. We suggest making your safari reservations with professionals who have invaluable firsthand knowledge.

What are the risks of Tanzania travel.

Crime in Tanzania.

As is the case throughout the world, petty crime like pickpocketing is quite common in Tanzania. These are most common in crowded areas, especially in the bigger cities, where opportunists may exploit the chance to pickpocket or grab your belongings.

Don’t wear jewelry when you stroll through cities, and lock up any pricey items and valuables in the room safe.

Public transport in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, it is strongly advised that you stay away from public transit. It isn’t the most practical or safest way to navigate any Tanzanian city.

You won’t require or have access to public transport in the safari game parks. You will travel where you want to go throughout your safari because of prearranged transports and safari vehicles.

Border areas and terrorism In Tanzania.

There are others who believe that terrorism has not taken over Tanzania. This is untrue, though. Thankfully, Tanzania’s Deep South is home to none of the nation’s top tourist safari¬†attractions, making terrorism a very unlikely scenario.

Wildlife in Tanzania.

When you follow the rangers’ and guides’ directions and abide by the local wildlife rules, there is no risk to Tanzania’s wildlife. Please be mindful to heed the guidance and regulations provided by national parks as well as your knowledgeable advisors. They are professionals who work to ensure your safety. Here are some general rules and advice about wildlife safety.

When on a gaming drive, stay in the car unless you are allowed to exit at certain locations.

Don’t sit on the roof, hang out the window, or stand up in the car.

Drive safely away from herds of elephants, especially when the ladies are with their young.

5 Days Best of Tanzania and Kenya safari
5 Days Best of Tanzania and Kenya safari

Food and water safety in Tanzania.

Top Tanzanian safari hotels and camps serve the best possible food tasty and delicious. These include both regional food and well-known Western dishes prepared with an African flavor.

It is advisable to use caution when navigating Tanzanian streets regarding the hygienic conditions of nearby eateries and food vendors.

Avoid places that leave you feeling unsafe.

Additionally, you should avoid drinking Tanzanian tap water. Fortunately, clean, bottled water is widely accessible and will be offered at all Tanzanian camps and lodges.

Natural disasters in Tanzania.

Tanzania rarely experiences natural calamities. The only reason flooding should worry you is that it can interfere with your planned safari activities.

Fortunately, the periods of intense rain occur annually almost at the same time. The ideal time to visit Tanzania can be readily advised by us.


Tanzania is located in a malarial area. It is advised that you pack antimalarial medication.

Additionally, keep in mind that if you are going from a place where yellow fever is a danger, the Tanzanian government requires documentation of your immunization upon arrival.

This also holds true if you have an extended layover in a nation where there is a recognized risk of yellow fever (more than 12 hours). Other than that, admission into Tanzania does not require any particular vaccinations.

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