Olkaria geothermal hot spa

Olkaria geothermal hot spa

Olkaria geothermal hot spa

Olkaria geothermal hot spa is a very unique spa located at the centre of Hell’s Gate National Park in Nakuru County. This spa is a hub of natural hot water that collects in a pool; the hot water is from different wells and is in the form of a hot steam that cools through collecting pipes and into a main pool that has temperatures between 30 to 40 degrees centigrade; and it’s for this reason that the spa is termed geothermal. The OlKaria geothermal Spa is the largest of its kind on the African continent.

The water that flows into the geothermal spa is all natural with no treatments or additives, its rich with several natural minerals that include silica and sulphur. To keep the temperatures of the swimming Lagoon user friendly; there are geothermal technicians who are constantly monitoring the lagoon temperatures. 

The Olkaria geothermal spa consists of three cascaded lagoons that receive this hot steam water and the Lagoons are:- 

  1. Lagoon one: This is the receiving pond, it receives the hot brine from several wells and the brine is at temperature between 90 to 100 degrees centigrade. 
  2. Lagoon two: This Lagoon overflows from lagoon one at a temperature of 50 degrees centigrade. The Lagoon is has both shallow and deep sides. 
  3. Lagoon three: This is the largest of all the three lagoons with temperatures at 30 to 40 centigrade; the lagoon receives the overflow Lagoon two and the overpass from lagoon one. It’s at this lagoon that people swim in hot water; this Lagoon also has a section where children can swim. This Lagoon is made of concrete and mazera stones line the walk ways, its deep end is 1.5 metres

This Lagoon can hold up to 400 people inside the Lagoon and outside the lagoon there are sitting and lounging facilities that onlookers can enjoy. 

The Olkaria geothermal has for long been run by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company that has established about four power plants with Olkaria; however recently the company established geothermal spa that has been one of the top tourist attraction in Kenya and Nakuru. The Olkaria geothermal Spa is owned managed and operated by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company. 

A visit to the Olkaria Geothermal Spa is a time mixed with a lot of emotions that culminate to a beautiful experience, the sight of the hot water, swimming in the hot water, the steam, the ambient surrounding; all these things bring different emotions in a human that make the visit to the spa wonderful. 

When you get to the Lagoons your eyes will be delighted at the hot steam that looks like mist hills evaporating into the clouds. You will also be pleased at the sight of the island like rock at the centre of Lagoon three that looks like a crater; oh it’s just magnificent. 

Persons that visit the Olkaria geothermal Spa have an opportunity to swim in the unending hot steamy water that make you forget the world and its troubles. Just lying in the waters is refreshing and relaxing as you take in the spectacular views of hilly surroundings of the Great Rift Valley and as you observe the steam from the water going up. 

Olkaria geothermal hot spa
Olkaria geothermal hot spa

Visitors to the spa don’t only get such a relaxing time in the hot waters, because the water has minerals persons that swim in the hot waters get several health benefits that include: softening of the skin, detoxing the skin, healing of some diseases and others, 

Since the Olkaria geothermal spa is within Hell’s gate National Park, you also get a chance to take part in several park activities that include but not limited to: – birding, game viewing, rock climbing, biking, hiking, sightseeing and nature walks. 

The Olkaria Geothermal Spa is about one and half hours or two hours from Nairobi and can be accessed by road via the Nairobi-Naivasha road off the Moi south lake road. By air the Spa is accessed via Naivasha airstrip, you land at the airstrip from Nairobi and then from the airstrip drive to the Spa. 

The Olkaria geothermal Spa opens at 7:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm daily.

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