Packing List for a Safari

Packing List for a Safari

Packing List for a Safari

Packing List for a Safari: Taking a safari in any part of Africa is a refreshing experience and safaris have some of most exciting, adventurous and relaxing moments one can be a part of; different people take safaris all year round to different countries and areas and for several reasons. However, as people plan for safaris they always wonder what will be appropriate for their safari or what they should pack that will facilitate a great safari for them. 

In the light of that in this article, we detail some of the things one can pack as they embark on a safari to any of the East African countries that include Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan.  The list includes but not limited to:- 

Legal documents: For you to be able to move legally from one country to another you need legal documentation to support your movements and stay this is not different for East Africa. So as you plan to have your safari in East Africa you will be required to have legal documents that will include several identification and travel documents, most cases the travel document is the same you will use for identification but sometimes they are different. For East Africa these documents are passports, visas, travel insurances, travel tickets, vaccination certificates (especially yellow fever), touring permits and itineraries among others. 

Safari ClothingOf course since safaris are rarely one day experiences, travellers are advised to carry enough clothing to take them through the entire safari time. However travellers should keep in mind that though safari clothing may be any laidback clothing in some cases safari clothing maybe specific for given reasons. 

If you are visiting game parks, clothing with neutral colours are usually more appropriate. If you plan on mountain gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking, carry some long sleeved clothing for the trekking experience. Also keep your clothing light and comfortable because safaris involve lots of movements. Carry warm clothing if you are visiting during the rainy season or you’re going to cold places like in western Uganda. 

Other items you will need to carry are comfortable foot wear, hiking shoes if you plan to hike or trek, swimming gear, rain jackets or coats, head scarfs and many other things. 

Your Tour operator will usually inform of all the things you will for your safari. 

Personal toiletries and Skincare: Everyone needs toiletries and these toiletries are unique to individuals that’s why its advisable to carry your own toiletries on a safari, these may range from sanitary pads, creams, sprays, tooth paste, tooth brushes, undergarments and many more. 

The other thing is East Africa though has both the rainy and sunny seasons its generally a hot region so it would be wise for you carry some sunscreen cream, sun glasses, hats and other things that could prevent wear and tear of your skin from the sun. 

Personal Medicine: This is mostly if you have a chronic illness that requires regular prescribed medication, its important you carry it to avoid any health inconveniences. This also applies to persons with allergies; it would be good for you to have your medication on you at all times during the safari, because safari environments are unpredictable anything in there can trigger your allergies 

Gadgets: Gadgets such as phones, cameras, ipads, laptops and many more are useful to you to capture memories of your safari as well as to keep in touch with the world even on your safari, so don’t forget them. 

Other items Torch/flashlights, lighters, camping knives etc are also essential to carry if you plan on having a camping experience during your safari.

Packing List for a Safari
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Money: You will definitely need money on your safari to pay for services and purchase items, so you need to carry some money with you either on Visa card or liquid cash whatever is easier for you and what is most appropriate for the country and places you are visiting. Most tourist services are paid for in USD so you should also be keen on the currency to carry.

Post Covid19 travel items 

Because of the Covid19 pandemic all travellers are urged to carry sanitizers and face masks as part of their essential items for a safari.  These items are to be used by you the traveller to keep yourself and others from contracting the deadly Covid19 disease.

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