Paintball Activity in Nairobi

Paintball Activity in Nairobi : Paintball is the most of the captivating activity in Nairobi Kenya, during leisure time especially during the weekends the groups of people organize into large popular paintball action, the paintball activity involves tagging opponents with the paintballs, that are gelatin capsules containing water soluble paint that can be shot from the paintball gun, here there is attacking and defending, the game fields in Nairobi have the scrap cars, oil drums, sand pits, scrap tyres and others on a Kenya safari.

Paintball is the gorgeous safari activity and also very informative and fun exercise, with adrenaline-pumping experience of lifetime, during the activity you can be provided with the packed games, guns, this is such amazing imagine shooting your friends and family in a virtual war, this can be the most exciting activity in your life as well you do it more Rambo style, while in the virtual war.

Paintball Activity in Nairobi
GP Karting

Paintball is such a competitive team shooting sport in which the players eliminate the opponents from playing by hitting them with the spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules named as the paintballs that break upon the impact, the paintballs are usually shot using the low-energy air weapons called the paintball markers that are powered by the compressed air or the carbon dioxide and were originally designed for the remotely marking trees and cattle. The paintball is played for recreation and can be played at the formal sporting level with the organized competition that involves great rewards, the activity can as well be used by the military forces, security organizations to supplement military or other training.

For the travelers on a safari in Kenya who like it a bit rough, then this is the perfect game for you, this is such interesting where you go and get your paintball guns ready to shoot, the paintball is such very safe game provided with the headgear, paintball guns and overalls, this activity becomes more fun when you go as a more group of ten people or more.

Where to play the Paintball activity in Kenya.

GP Karting.

GP Karting is where the paintball activity is done and here the players practice in a target shooting spot before the actual adrenaline pumping game in the field, GP Karting is much interesting where you can come along with the friend or the family members for the blissful adventure.

Golf’s palace.

Golf’s place is found in the south eastern border of Nairobi National Park with the most conducive serene adventure for the paintball activity, this is the favorite place to do paintball from being badminton, pool games and other activities loved by the children. Golf’s palace is so awesome to every guest in that it has swimming pool, en-suite rooms, terrace dining area and among many others that are such effective to the guest.

Jungle paintball Kenya.

Jungle paintball Kenya is such amazing adventure spot that is located in the city park, the park has got the outside paintball field where the visitors do carry out their activity from also the place has got the restaurant where you can get yourself a delicious and soft drink after the paintball activity.

Paintball Activity in Nairobi
Jungle paintball Kenya

Paintball Fury.

Paintball fury in Nairobi are two that is one on the Lang’ata and another one at plush Karen suburb, these gives the most suitable and good field where the guests are going to enjoying their activity from.

Shooters Haven Paintball.

Shooters Haven Paintball is the most pioneer field where the tourists enjoying the paintball activity from that this field is located off Garden Estate Road along Total Lane in Nairobi.

Charges for paintball in Nairobi.

The paintball activity lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes, at Ksh 1500 per person, and each person gets 150 paintballs and refills are Ksh 500 for 50 paintballs. And it is recommended that if you are going to play the paintball activity you should be above 16 years of age.

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