Park Entrance Fees Lake Nakuru National Park

Park Entrance Fees Lake Nakuru National Park

Park entrance fees : Lake Nakuru National Park 

Park entrance fees: Lake Nakuru National Park the hub of birds is one of the best safari destinations in Kenya; covering an area of 188km2, the bird hub is home to over 400 bird species and over 50 mammal species in its bushy savannah vegetation that also encompasses Lake Nakuru. The park also has magnificent landscape features that greatly compliment the beauty of the park and its surrounding.

Thousands of tourists visit Lake Nakuru National Park, yearly to explore and experience the wildlife and beauty of this park. Among the things guests to this park experience are:-

  1. Flamingos and other birds: The reason this park is called the bird hub, is because it hosts over 400 species on Lake Nakuru and within the park’s savannah grasslands. The pink flamingos are cover the lake’s waters pink, giving a beautiful display of colour on the lake shores. The park is famous for the flamingos and most people travel there to experience these birds first hand. As guests, experience the flamingos they also have a chance to see other birds that include:- the pelican birds, Blacksmith Plover, Levaillant’s Cuckoo, African Cuckoo, Pearl-spotted Owlet, African Fish Eagle, Northern Anteater Chat and many more.
  2. Animals: Lake Nakuru National Park is home to over 50 mammals that roam around the park’s lands and can be viewed by guests on any of the game drives. The park is a Rhino sanctuary, which means its home to quite a huge number of the endangered Rhinos (both black and white) that guests can gladly view on their visit to the park. The sanctuary is also home for the rare and endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. Other animals in the park are lions, baboons, buffaloes, waterbucks, impalas and many more 
  3. Scenic views: Lake Nakuru National Park is a perfect spot for picnicking and photography because of its unmatchable scenic view points that are spread across the park. All these viewpoints are on raised escarpments that give guests vantage points to view the birds, Lake Nakuru, the animals and the park’s surroundings. These viewpoints in the park are Baboon Cliff, Lion hill and Out of Africa Lookout. 
  4. other things guests to this park experience are camping and several hospitality activities at the different accommodation facilities. 

A visit to this spectacular park is one of most rewarding and fulfilling ventures and below, we highlight the entry costs associated with visiting Lake Nakuru National Park

Park Entrances fees for Lake Nakuru National Park are:-

Foreigners Non-residents 

  • Adults        35 USD 
  • Children   20 USD 

Foreigners Residents 

  • Adults        800 KSHS  
  • Children   200 KSHS

Kenyan Citizens and East Africans 

  • Adults        800 KSHS
  • Children   200 KSHS 

When visiting Lake Nakuru National Park, admission into the park is only accorded to persons in Vehicles. Vehicles entering the park are charged an entrance fee per a vehicle per a day and below is the breakdown of the fees. 

  • less than 6 seats         300 KSHS 
  • 6 to 24 seats                1030 KSHS 
  • 13 to 24 seats             2585 KSHS 
  • 25 to 44 seats            4050 KSHS
  • 45 and more seats   5000 KSHS

All these entrances fees apply for 24 hours in Lake Nakuru National Park, so guests who wish to stay in the park longer than a day, should be aware that they will be paying these entrance fees every other 24 hours. 

Children here refer to individuals that are below 18 years of age and adults refer to individuals 18 years of age and above. 

Kenyan citizens are persons from Kenya who are legal citizens of the nation and can prove it with an authorized Kenyan document of identification. 

East Africans are persons from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan that have valid passports to prove their nationality of either of these countries. 

Foreigners are all persons that are not Kenyan and not East Africans, Foreigners residents are those that stay in Kenya and are able to produce proof of their residence as non-residents are those that don’t stay in Kenya and have just visited the country. 

Park Entrance Fees Lake Nakuru National Park
Park Entrance Fees Lake Nakuru National Park

Payment of these entry fees subjects you to observe the park’s rules and regulations and in case of neglect of any rule your admission can easily be revoked. 

All these fees are paid either at the park entrance or prior electronically and a receipt is presented at the entrance of the park.

These fees are determined and decided on by Kenya Wildlife Services. 

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