Reasons to Select Kenya for your safari

Reasons to Select Kenya for your safari : A vision of broad open savannahs, breathtaking landscape, and an abundance of animals as far as the eye can see instantly comes to mind when one thinks of an African safari. These are just a few of the reasons you should select Kenya for your safari.

The nation is fascinating all year long, with some sightings being more common at particular times of the year and attractions like the Great Migration having a strong draw. Immerse yourself in Swahili culture by learning about its illustrious history, conversing with Masaai to acquire the Maa language, and indulging in regional food with Arab, Indian, and African influences.

Savannas, woods, lakes, and mountains combine to create a stunning and biodiverse landscape that connects people to animals. Enjoy one of the best vantage locations ever to take in the beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro. All of this makes Kenya the ideal safari destination, and we explain why below.

  1. Explore Diverse Wildlife and the Great Migration
  2. Experience Amazing Landscapes
  3. Immerse Yourself in Swahili and Maa Culture
  4. Enjoy the Best of Beach and Bush
  5. Enjoy Convenient Travel Logistics
  6. Easy International Connections
  1. Explore Diverse Wildlife and the Great Migration

Safari tourists in Kenya have the chance to discover a wide variety of wildlife in numerous national parks and game reserves, which makes for excellent viewing. Sightings are essentially guaranteed in Kenya because of the abundance of large herds and flocks.

Every safari location has a different topography that attracts particular fauna. Visit the Tsavo plateaus while on Kenya Safaris Tours, which are home to numerous hippos and uncommon bird species. Observe as flamingos gather at Lake Nakuru National Park, buffaloes roll around in the mud in Amboseli, or a large herd of elephants congregate at waterholes in the Lewa Conservancy.

Additionally, Kenya serves as the starting point of the mass exodus. When thousands of wildebeest migrate between Tanzania and Kenya in May, late September, and early October, the Masai Mara National Park serves as the backdrop for a dramatic performance.

  1. Experience Amazing Landscapes

The sceneries of Kenya are a major factor in why one should go on a safari there, from the striations of the Great Rift Valley to the metamorphic rock formations in Tsavo East and the vast open grasslands of the Masai Mara.

Learn about mountain ranges, the wild splendor of Tsavo West, and Mount Kenya, the tallest peak in the nation. The vista of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park has to be one of the highlights.

Wildlife graces Kenya’s scenery, yet rural communities and cultural dwellings provide this enchanted nation richness and balance. A wide open game reserve with haphazardly constructed homesteads and long, sandy roads contrasts with the sometimes-absence of people in the reserve. The remaining parts of Kenya’s masterpiece are painted by crop farms and land abundant with cattle.

  1. Immerse Yourself in Swahili and Maa Culture

Many of Kenya’s sights and sounds are vividly described in the national language of Kenya, Swahili. The name “safari” means “journey” in Swahili, and Kenyans will proudly lead you as you embark on a personal trip. Spending time with a Swahili family is a fascinating experience because they are well-known for being creative and of mixed heritage.

Many Masaai expose their villages and way of life to visitors, sharing their rich culture through tales and experiences. As you embrace daily life, get acquainted with the Maa language, and comprehend their unique history, learn from these kind locals. Kenya’s cuisine showcases a fusion of Indian, Arab, and African influences.

Spend some time with Kazuri beads, which are described as “small and beautiful” in Swahili, for a chance to give back. A visit is one additional way to explore Swahili culture and features amazing crafts that were meticulously crafted by the many skilled women who work in the Nairobi Karen Blixen Museum.

  1. Enjoy the Best of Beach and Bush

Kenya is the ideal beach and bush destination because of its location along Africa’s east coast, making it simple to combine an amazing safari experience with a beach vacation. For a beach getaway, most tourists taking a safari in Kenya likely think about Mombassa or the adjacent island of Zanzibar. Visitors can visit any of the Indian Ocean Islands, such as the Seychelles, Mozambique, or Mauritius, with just a brief flight, though.

Mombasa, which offers a sandy refuge, is located on Kenya’s southeast coast. It is just a short flight from Nairobi or a three-hour drive from Tsavo East or West. Within 24 hours, travelers can find themselves transitioning from a wildlife haven to a marine paradise, often requiring a night between a safari and the coast.

A bit further away is the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, which has a long, blissful coastline and its capital in the city of Stonetown. Spending a night in the city before traveling to your beach resort is strongly advised because it is full of great art and history just waiting to be discovered. Before the sun sets on your dhow voyage, learn about the island’s ties to the Spice Route and its rich Swahili culture.

  1. Enjoy Convenient Travel Logistics

With Nairobi as your home base, it is quite simple to get to a number of parks by road. The drives itself quickly become an important part of the experience, with views of nearby settlements and huge open spaces pointing the way to your safari. Your closed car abruptly changes into a game-viewing vehicle as you enter the reserves. You have the opportunity to stand and search for your first animal with the roof popped up.

With quick connections and timetables, flying into the parks and reserves from Wilson or Jomo Kenyatta airports offers a bird’s-eye perspective of Kenya and saves time. As you travel carefully from one lodge to another, you have the chance to view animals as you transition from little airstrips to your lodge or from one camp to another.

You might have to choose where you go on safari based on time. Kenya provides possibilities for journeys of any duration, realizing that some tourists may choose to visit one of the closest parks. Kenya is the ideal location for a city and safari vacation thanks to day visits to the Nairobi National Park or one of the lakes.

  1. Easy International Connections

Given its significance to your trip, the journey to your safari should be convenient. Given Kenya’s location on Africa’s east coast, there are several ways to get there.

Many travelers choose to break up their two international trips with a stop in lively Dubai or in Europe, where planes link. By carefully selecting your stopover location according on your preferences, you can put together a cultural and traditional safari package.

Using a number of scheduled airline connections, it is feasible to continue to other regions of Africa. These can include the magnificent Victoria Falls or gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda in addition to Kenya.

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