Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary

Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary is the only destination in Kenya where the tourists can explore and see the chimpanzee, the sanctuary is located in the Laikipia County in Ol Pejeta Conservancy in northern Kenya. It is a destination that provides tourists with chimps sightings. The sanctuary has got the orphaned and abused chimps that are physically and psychologically scarred, the sanctuary helps the affected chimps to live like the chimpanzees again in the stress free environment.

Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary was established as together agreement between the Ol Pejeta’s conservancy, and Kenya Wildlife Services and Jane Goodall Institute with the main strong aim to provide the long life refuge to orphaned and abused chimpanzees from the West and Central Africa that’s why the sanctuary was founded in Kenya and established.

Sweetwaters chimpanzees.

Most of the chimpanzees that they bring in Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary are given the extra support and stimulating quarantine to them, when brought to the sanctuary the chimps can be fully nursed back to the normal health, then they can be introduced in the sanctuary.

Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary
Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary

The chimps in the sweet waters chimpanzee sanctuary do get best days in the sanctuary as they keep their days while climbing, socializing, and playing and among many others. Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary is the major tourist attraction in Kenya with the main priority to the orphaned and the abused chimps being the only place in Kenya with the chimps most of the tourists come to Kenya to experience the chimpanzees in the sanctuary located in Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Many of the sanctuary’s animal species especially the chimpanzees were confiscated from the cramped and unnatural living conditions and at a higher extent most of them arrive with horrific injuries sustained from the abuse at the hands of the humans and do start their life from the sanctuary, that is rewarding and hence improving the tourism of Kenya through bringing more tourists to the country. That is most of the tourists do come to the sanctuary to see the chimpanzees in the sweetwaters which increases highest percentage of the tourists to the country.

In every environment especially in Kenya, the chimpanzees being the close human’s relatives they do play a big role to the environment through maintaining the diversity of the area, that is the large seeds they do consume as their food they do disperse are very big than most of the animals could, on a higher extent the chimpanzees in Kenya save a lot of the fellow environment that is mainly their fellow animal species are well maintained because they do not prey on them which encourages them to increase in number and not disrupted.

Best time to see the chimpanzees in Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary.

The best time to see the chimpanzees in Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary is during the everyday whenever you feel like spotting the chimpanzees in Kenya you visit the sanctuary from 08:30 am to 12:30 pm and again from 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm everyday on a Kenya safari.

Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary
Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary

Where to stay in Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary.

Due to the fact that  it is located inside Ol Pejeta conservancy they share the accommodation facilities, the tourists who come to sight the chimpanzees in the sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary are provided with the most incredible, suitable and comfortable accommodation facilities that are arranged into Budget, Midrange and luxuries that includes the Pelican house, The Stables, Sweetwaters Serena camp, Ol Pejeta house, Ol Pejeta bush camp, Porini Rhino camp, Kicheche Laikipia camp, Jambo Mutara Tented camp, Ol Pejeta safari cottages and among many others.

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