The  Bomas of Kenya

The  Bomas of Kenya : Bomas of Kenya is one of the most visited tourist attractions located in Lang’ata Nairobi Kenya. It is approximately about 12 kilometres by road from Nairobi’s Central Business District. It is named Bomas from a Kiswahili word Boma which means a Homestead and therefore Bomas is the plural of a Boma.

Bomas of Kenya was established and built by the Government of Kenya as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tourist Finance Corporation (TFC) in 1971. The main purpose of its construction is to maintain, promote and preserve the rich diverse Cultural values of Kenya’s ethnic groups. Due to the increased cultural degradation attributed to the increase civilization and modernisation, relocation intermarriage and other factors have led to diminishing cultural practices and ways of life. Bomas of Kenya plays an important role in promoting cultural tourism.

The Bomas are made and designed to replicate the traditional homesteads or Bomas of Kenyan  23 major tribes. They are made round with conical roofs, similar to most of Kenyan tribes traditional homes. It hosts the biggest and the largest Auditorium in Africa and together with Nairobi National Park and  National museum of Kenya are among the most visited tourist destinations in Nairobi.

There are plenty of activities to do or see at your visit to Bomas of Kenya such as;

Cultural performances

The great performance by The Bomas Harambee  Dancers are the best group performing the Cultural centre. The dance group consist of 50 dancers drawn from different ethnic communities in Kenya, which have daily live performances from Monday to Friday 2:30pm to 4:00pm and on public holidays and weekends 3:30pm to 5:15pm .

The Harambee Dancers with their live percussion, strings and wind instruments blended with some energetic dance moves gives diverse brief of rich Kenyan cultures from Western ,Lake Victoria in Nyanza ,North Eastern, Eastern, Rift Valley, Central, and Coast regions of Kenya. Some of the dances showcased include the impressive Maasai Eunoto dance, the Kikuyu Circumcision dance, the spectacular Chuka drummers, Coastal Sengenya and Gonda dances, Swahili Taarab, NubiDholuka dance and many more.

From Thursday to Sunday, the daily shows also feature the fabulous Mambo Jambo acrobats, who showcase the best of acrobatics, including balancing, rope skipping, juggling, fire limbo, etc.

The Bomas Harambee Dancers are the country’s national dance company par excellence, proudly representing the beauty and diversity of Kenya’s music and dance traditions since 1973.Local and international visitors can experience the delightful sounds and movements of Kenya in our daily cultural performances and/or add a note of culture to their events by hiring the dance troupe for an outside performance.

The troupe’s repertoire consists of over 50 dances from different ethnic communities. With live percussion, string and wind instruments, and diverse, authentic and energetic dancing, Bomas Harambee Dancers will take you on an enchanting journey through Kenya.

The Harambee Dancers was formed in 1973 in honour of the First president of Kenya Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, heeding to his call  on unity and cooperation in building the Nation. For decades later the troupe is still sticking to its mission to preserve Music and dance traditions of various ethnic communities of Kenya. The Harambee Dancers also perform during the national celebrations, corporate events and other cultural events apart from the daily shows at the Bomas of Kenya. The dance troupe has also performed and represent Kenya at different national and international forums in Kenya and other international cities promoting Kenya Tourism industry.

The  Bomas of Kenya
The  Bomas of Kenya

The Harambee Dancers are available to be hired and have performed for different clients such as Kenya Tourism Board(KTB),Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)Kenya Railways, Kenya Airways, Carnivore Restaurant, US Embassy in Kenya, Uber Kenya ,Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, Barclays Banks of Kenya, Kenya Defence College, NAMPAK, National Commission for UNESCO, Standard Chattered Bank, Several county governments and National Ministries of Kenya.

Harambee Dancers recent international performances include Kenya Week at UNESCO, Paris (2014 and 2016); World Travel Market (WTM) in London (2014 & 2015); ITB in Berlin (2015 & 2016); INDABA Africa’s Travel Market in Durban, South Africa (2015); Africa Travel Mart (AKWAABA) in Lagos, Nigeria; Global Specialty Coffee EXPO in Seattle, USA (2017); World EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan;CABSAT EXPO 2018 in Dubai, UAE; and others

The Bomas of Kenya also has a large collection of cultural artifacts from various communities such as stools, Beverages and Food containers. There are also other artefacts such as Circumcision knives, ritual masks etc. viewed in gallery space. They are used mostly for  educational and exhibition purposes.

Bomas of Kenya also has Research and Library, the Bok library and Multimedia centre was established to assist teachers ,students and researchers in accessing information on Culture, Music, dances and practices of different ethnic groups of Kenya. The library has Research reports and findings ,books periodicals ,Audios , photo and Video materials from conducted cultural festivals and performances.

The library and the Multimedia centre is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday. It is closed on weekends and during the public holiday


The Bomas of Kenya has received more than 10 million visitors since 1971 when it was first established. It is located South of Nairobi along Lang’ata Road equipped with wonderful facilities in a quiet serene environment.

Bomas of Kenya can host any  function you can dream of from Finance professionals, All Africa games, International live music concerts, end year parties, award ceremonies, street parties ,theme ideas to wedding parties. It can host any number of guests ranging from 20 to 3000 people.

There is also the biggest Auditorium in Africa, which its design was inspired by traditional hut used by most communities in Kenya. It has hosted several high class functions, AGM’s ,trainings, music concerts, festivals, cultural performances.

There is also multi purpose hall which is superb venue for conferences, conventions ,Corporates events, Exhibitions , gala dinners and weddings. This pillar less hall can accommodate up to 1500 pax and can be transformed into any design and settings. There is also a new conference hall with modern state of the art conference centre ideal for conferences, filming, product launch, award ceremonies etc. It has a sitting capacity of 950pax. There is the pavilion, red-carpeted room and the VIP lounge and Board room which can host between 5 to 15 pax, ideal for tender evaluation, brainstorming, audit meetings and conducting interviews.

Bomas of Kenya also has an open ground  A and B , served with electricity and water, and easily accessible cloakroom within the vicinity. The open ground is ideal to host a large crowds.

Utamaduni restaurant

The Utamaduni restaurant is at the heart of Bomas of Kenya is designed as a traditional hut. The word Utamaduni is a swahili word for Culture, offers the unique cultural foods such as Agikuyu mokimo, Abagusii matoke ,some Ugali Kenya’s most stable food ,barbecue (Nyama choma).

Utamaduni restaurant is managed by kenya Utalii college has qualified chefs who prepare the rich traditional menus from snacks, first foods to forgotten local specialties. The restaurant is adjacent to Nairobi National Park, it offers a serene natural relaxing environment. The restaurant comprises of several balconies and terraced areas, and is architecturally inspired by the shape of traditional huts. As such, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor dining experiences.

Bomas of Kenya is also one of the most visited places in Nairobi Kenya. The same way Nairobi National Park is known for its abundant wildlife varieties, the Bomas of Kenya is one place you’ll learn enjoy and have a close-up interaction and experience of the diverse richness of Kenyan culture.

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