The Cliff – A View from the Top

The Cliff – A View from the Top :  The sun is rising in Africa at 6.30 a.m. far below your clifftop refuge, as its golden light spreads across the lake, the water ripples and changes color to a sheen of pink, resembling a desert rose, as a flamboyance of flamingos ushers in a new day.


This is Lake Nakuru in Kenya, a soda lake that is tucked away in the historic Rift Valley and serves as a feeding area for tens of thousands of flamingos. The lake is protected by the neighboring national park, which is only two and a half hours from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The national park is made up of a variety of forests, bush, grassland, and volcanic cliffs, making it the ideal home for four of Africa’s Big Five. Bird lovers and those seeking nature close to Nairobi visit Lake Nakuru National Park.

The Cliff, a 10 room luxury camp that debuted in June 2018, is perched at the top of a 100 metres high rock face in Lake Nakuru. While the simplest description is “luxury camp,” The Cliff is located inside the park, defies categorization because it combines a safari lodge, tented camp, and boutique hotel and is built and decorated in a modern European manner.

The Tents.

While ensuring seclusion, each tent is erected on sturdy foundations at the cliff’s edge and overlooks the lake, giving visitors 180-degree views of the lush paradise. The tent is roomy, and the freestanding bath faces outside so as not to spoil the view. The Cliff’s interiors combine organic chic with international design to produce a modern boutique hotel’s understated elegance, while the outdoor environment is purely African.

Visitors may see the sun rise from the veranda as it spreads its brilliant light across the lake in the morning, bringing life to the park’s residents and awakening its surroundings. When the sun goes down in the evening, the park’s ambiance changes to reflect the comforts of the coming night and the nocturnal sounds of the wild.

Safari Activities Done At the Cliff.

While it would be simple for a visitor to The Cliff to spend the day relaxing in the comfort of the opulent tent, there is more to do in the area of Lake Nakuru. Get up early and have a wildlife drive safari in one of the open-sided Land Cruisers. You might see a rare Rothschild’s giraffe or a leopard, lion, buffalo, or rhino. Around the lake, hippopotamuses can also be seen. For birdwatchers, Lake Nakuru National Park is a haven thanks to its great bird variety, which includes the fabled pink flamingos.

The Cliff - A View from the Top
The Cliff – A View from the Top

If visitors would rather embark on a game drive at dusk, they may want to work out in the gym before breakfast, unwind by the infinity pool with a cold beverage before lunch, and get a relaxing massage in the spa before leaving at 4 pm. Even though the day is busy, the pace is calm, with the only disruption if you can call it that coming from the calls of the local wildlife.

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