Tips of enjoying perfect game drive on a Kenya safari

Tips of enjoying perfect game drive on a Kenya safari : One of the greatest ways to see wildlife on your Kenya safari is to go on a game drive in any Kenya National Game Park.  Kenya’s game drive often lasts three to four hours, depending on the location and time of day the animals are there, just like on a Uganda wildlife safari. During your wildlife safari in Kenya, your guide drives along the park trails, pausing when he notices a significant sighting, like one of the fabled Big Five, for a few minutes before moving on. Typically, only two or three vehicles are permitted at a sighting at once. Normally, the guide makes an effort to make sure that everyone in the car gets a good picture for their records. On a Kenya safari the tourists usually enjoy various game drives that is morning, afternoon and night game drives in the different safari destinations like Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Nairobi National Park, and Lake Nakuru National Park and among others.

You will have a combination of good, occasionally even thrilling, sightings during your game drive on your Kenya wildlife safari, and plenty of opportunity to simply enjoy the animals. You learn a great deal about the park’s wildlife from your safari guide. In addition to learning about animals, you can also discover other facets of the wilderness, such flora, birds, and tracking techniques like identifying which animal passed based on its excretes.

But just as not every day will be the best day ever, not every gaming drive will be an amazing one. Occasionally, this is due to the weather; it can rain and most of the animals will be hidden from view. You simply aren’t lucky sometimes.

The following are the tips to follow during the game driving on a Kenya safari;

Stand through the pop up/rack for better viewing.

This gives you the best of all realms. While standing, you are high up so animal sightings are clear and good, so chances of taking the best pictures are high.

Sit in the centre of the vehicle.

The centre spot is the greatest place to sit if you don’t want to stand while watching animals. Your safari excursion in Kenya will be amazing as a result.

Tips of enjoying perfect game drive on a Kenya safari
Game drive on a Kenya safari

Ask your guide as many questions as you can.

You learn more the more you enquire. Ask away! Our guides are a wealth of information that they cannot reasonably impart to their guests.

Have appropriate expectations.

The majority of guides enquire about their guests’ preferences. I can see why they would want to know if someone is genuinely interested in birds or other wildlife, though. This facilitates the guide’s driving in the direction of your choice to view the animals. But keep in mind that animals are spotted based on the time of day, so try to have as low of expectations as possible.

Have Patience.

Our safari guide will make an effort to ensure that everyone in the car is comfortable. To ensure that everyone gets a decent shot, you might need to stay at a sighting longer than you would like. Similarly, you may have wanted to stay longer with some animals but others are eager to see an important sighting which may is be nearby.

Tell us what you want to do, or what you have in mind and we will send you a 100% perfect itinerary and price as well. We hope your Kenya safaris are blessed. On your safari through Uganda, you can also choose to go on one or more short wildlife safaris to any location in Uganda that has wildlife, other safari destinations that offer wonderful game drive safaris include Rwanda, Tanzania and among others.

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