Top safari activities to do in Kisumu

Top safari activities to do in Kisumu : Kisumu, derived from the location of barter trade “sumo” and is commonly referred to as Kisumu City, is the Kenyan inland port city on Lake Victoria and the capital City of Kisumu County, Kenya. It is Kenya’s third biggest city, after the capital, Nairobi, and the city of Mombasa on the coast. Kisumu is the largest city of western Kenya, which is the previous capital of Nyanza Province, the headquarters of Kisumu County and the planned headquarters of the Lake Region Economic Block, which is an amalgamation of 15 counties in Western Kenya.

Kit Mikayi.

About 29 km west of Kisumu City is a rock creation called a tor called Kit-Mikayi. This tor is about 40 m high. It’s about 1 km from the road between Kisumu and Bondo. The sign board is on the gate of Kit Mikayi Primary School, and N’gop-Ngeso Primary School is where you go to get in. In the Luo language, Dholuo, Kit-mikayi means “the stone of the first woman” or “the stone of the first wife.”

Guided tours can take you to Kit Mikayi so you can learn more about its past and cultural importance. The rock is also a favorite safari destination for picnics and other outdoor activities because it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It’s a fun adventure to climb the rocks to the top. As you walk down, a group of women will dance for you in the usual way. Local members of the Legio Maria group also come to the rock to pray and fast for several weeks at a time.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is near Hippo Point, about 3 km from the town of Kisumu. It is on the shore of Lake Victoria. The Sanctuary is a quiet, peaceful place to take in the beauty of nature. In 1992, the Park was made official to protect the rare impalas in the Lake area. Today, the sanctuary is home to impalas, the rare Sitatunga antelope, big cats, buffalos, giraffes, cheetahs, and several kinds of primates.

The refuge also has five campsites with beautiful views of Lake Victoria: Impala, Sunset, Albizia, Baboon, and Simba. Bird watching, nature walks, camping, business and social events, game viewing, and glass-bottomed boat rides are all things you can do at the sanctuary.

Kisumu Museum.

When it opened in 1980, Kisumu Museum had several outdoor buildings. Some of the buildings have real animals in them. One pavilion, for example, has a lot of aquariums with different kinds of Lake Victoria fish and a lot of signs that explain them. In another area, you can find a terrarium with mambas, spitting cobras, puff adders, and other poisonous Kenyan snakes. Outside the museum, there are a few more things to see, like a snake pit and a crocodile tank.

Other booths show off weapons, jewelry, farm tools, and other items made by the different peoples of the Nyanza Province. There are also stuffed animal, bird, and fish exhibits. In one pavilion, you can see the ancient TARA rock art. It was moved to the museum to keep it safe after graffiti damaged it where it was first found.

Top safari activities to do in Kisumu
Kisumu Museum

The most important and biggest show at the museum is Bergidala show, which is funded by UNESCO. This looks like a typical Luo house. Bergidala is made up of the home, granaries, and livestock corrals of a made-up Luo man, as well as the homes of his three women and oldest son. Signs and taped programs in both Luo and English show where the Luo people came from, why they moved to western Kenya, what traditional medicines they used, and how they set up a new home. You can also dance with The African Genre Shield, a group that performs and teaches about Luo culture to keep it alive.

Rao M’City previously Kiboko Bay.

The name of the resort, Kiboko, comes from the hippos that live in that part of the lake. Kiboko Bay has always been ranked as one of the best beaches in Kisumu. It has just the right amount of excitement and comfort. It is also close to Dunga fishing town and Impala Park. When you stay in Kiboko Bay, you can enjoy great service and accommodations, boat rides, and trips to the Dunga fishing town.

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