Top safari activities to do in Laikipia

Top safari activities to do in Laikipia : Have you ever created plaster casts of animal tracks, gone on a camel trekking safari, or spent the night in a tree tent? You can experience all this and more on a visit to Laikipia, a sparsely populated region to the north of Mount Kenya with outstanding high-altitude plateaus and forested valleys. It might be the best-kept secret in Kenya. Laikipia is made up of family-run ranches and private wildlife concessions, many of which collaborate with the local community and use tourism as a means of advancing animal conservation. This area is home to some of Kenya’s most opulent lodges, all of which provide unique safari experiences unavailable in the country’s major national parks and reserves.

Part of Laikipia prosperity lies on its remoteness. Outside the boundaries of the national parks, uncommon species have thrived, like the Aquatic Sitatunga, and this region is home to the second-largest animal population in Kenya, right after the Masai Mara. In this land, enormous herds of buffalo and elephants roam far and wide, lions bask in the sun, and leopards perch high in the trees, patiently waiting for their prey to stroll by. Approximately half of the extremely endangered black rhino population in the country is situated in Laikipia, making it one of the few locations where wild dog populations are increasing.

For those who want to experience an active and immersive wilderness trip away from the crowds, a Laikipia safari is ideal. These are a handful of our most cherished pursuits:

  1. Spend a night under the stars.

The ideal daring excursion without sacrificing the comforts of home is fly camping. Explore the wilderness after dark, have dinner around a campfire, and then take a seat to watch the stars filling the night sky. Listen to the symphony of nighttime noises as you go to sleep, including the grunts of faraway lions and the cackling of hyenas. An exhilarating encounter deep within the natural world, this is safari at its most authentic. To organically prepare for the day ahead, wake up with the sun and sip a warm cup of coffee.

Where to stay.

El Karama Lodge is one of our most favorite family-friendly lodges complete with a swimming pool, poo safaris and of course sleeping out under the stars. It’s quite the walk up to hot tea (or hot cocoa for the smaller ones) and cinnamon buns baked over an open flame.

The four-poster mattresses at Loisaba Starbeds, which are rolled out onto platforms with views of Kiboko Waterhole, are the epitome of a romantic, opulent experience beneath the stars. Paradise.

  1. Go camel trekking.

Camel trekking safari is a unique way to see the drylands of Laikipia and is a traditional means of transportation in Kenya. Walks vary in length from quick strolls to multi-day excursions that go from camp to camp. Your guide will drive you into the bush where the animals is accustomed to camels, allowing you to have closer interactions than on any safari game-viewing excursion, following a substantial camp meal cooked by the chef.

Where to stay:

Walking safaris with camel support are the speciality of Karisia Safaris, which operate in northern Kenya’s Laikipia and Samburu regions. The length of the walk can be tailored to your own individual needs, you can choose from classic or luxurious accommodation and the camels will carry all luggage (as well as any tiered legs)

  1. Head out on a bush walk.

Walking in the bush is an exciting way to go off the usual path and truly engage with the surrounding natural environment. The pace is leisurely, and your knowledgeable guide will identify the smaller animals that you frequently miss on game drives in addition to pointing out animal tracks and excrement. If you’re ready to venture deeper, you could get up close and personal with giraffes, rhinos, and elephants.

Where to stay.

The Laikipia Wilderness Camp specialized in walking safaris, tailoring them to a particular interest, like photography, tracking a particular species, or studying animal behaviors. For those who enjoy wildlife and the outdoors, they also offer bush wildlife courses that are designed in accordance with their syllabus but aren’t approved by the FGASA.

The goal of Wilderness Camp, a small, intimate camp, is to customize each day to each visitor’s specific interests. Numerous Safari activities are available, such as fly camping, rock climbing, rafting, and forest treks.

  1. Enjoy a horseback safari.

A horseback safari is the best option if you want to experience nature up close. Horses are not viewed as a danger by wildlife, so you may have unique, personal interactions. Imagine sprinting over the meadows behind a lolloping giraffe, or mixing with a herd of zebra as they feed. The guides will modify the pace levels to suit the needs of both novice and expert riders.

Top safari activities to do in Laikipia
Horseback Rides

Where to stay.

Ol Malo is the epitome of elegance, authenticity, personalised service, and adventure. Located in the centre of Laikipia on a family ranch, it combines comforts of home with elegance in a breathtaking natural environment.

Ol Malo offers a plethora of activities to suit every interest. In addition to the customary wildlife drives, activities on this operational farm include bush walks, fishing, mountain biking, riding safaris, visiting community initiatives, and even milking the cows and gathering fresh eggs.

  1. Go on a poo safari (one for the kids!)

El Karama Lodge, a family-friendly vacation rental on a secluded cattle ranch, is the ideal place to explore with kids and teach them about bush life while having a great time. Here you and your children are given full autonomy to explore the wilderness with bush tracking, footprint plaster casting, baking in the interactive kitchen, making sculptures from termite hill clay, and the ever-popular ‘poo safaris’ where you identify an animal from its poop and see what the poo can tell you about their age and diet.

You may swim around in the gorgeous solar-powered eco pool, and if you’d want some adult time, there are childminders available.

  1. Run the Lewa Marathon.

Why not participate in the annual June Lewa Marathon if you’re looking for an exciting and strenuous experience with breathtaking scenery? Run along the riverbanks, through acacia trees, through the savannah, and on undulating paths throughout the reserve to meet some of the four-legged inhabitants. Because they are so gregarious, giraffes frequently accompany runners for about half a mile.

Where to stay.

Lewa Wilderness, which borders Laikipia, provides breathtaking views of the Lewa Conservancy against the backdrop of Mount Kenya. Six of the nine rooms in this exquisitely crafted stone home, which is owned and operated by the Craig family, have private fireplaces and expansive views of the valley.

  1. Sleep in a birds nest.

The renowned Nay Palad Bird Nest is located in Segera Lodge, offering guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep like a bird and nest in the heavens. With a 360-degree birds-eye view over the environment and a stunning setting high above the African plains, this is an amazing experience you won’t soon forget. From the comfort of your bed, grab your binoculars and watch the animal kingdom awaken.

  1. Spot black rhinos.

Thanks to its conservation efforts, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is not only home to the big five but also has the highest concentration of critically endangered black rhinos in East Africa. In addition to the twenty southern white rhinos and more than a hundred black rhinos, two of the three northern white rhinos that survive in the world are also protected at this sanctuary. The Northern White Rhino Sanctuary offers an exciting up-close encounter. You may also visit a refuge for chimpanzees.

Where to stay:

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp provides exceptional wildlife watching experiences in addition to traditional, environmentally sustainable, and luxurious lodging. Constructed on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, the camp is situated across from a naturally occurring salt lick that draws a diverse range of wildlife, allowing guests to have a safari experience without ever having to leave the premises.

  1. Track elusive wild dogs.

One of the most intriguing animals to see and one of the most endangered mammals in the world is the wild dog. They are intelligent hunters and gregarious creatures, sometimes seen in groups of ten with a rigid hierarchy. These packs cover marathon distances on the go, which might make it difficult to locate them.

Laikipia is one of the best places in Kenya to spot our canine friends, with their large Mickey Mouse ears often being their first giveaway in the bush.

Where to stay.

Situated within 24,000 acres of unparalleled and spectacular scenery that stretches from the Great Rift Valley to Mount Kenya, Sosian Lodge is a tastefully renovated native Kenya farmhouse.

Families and couples alike enjoy the lodge’s flawless blend of elegance and comfort, which allows it to function as both a functioning cattle ranch and an opulent safari resort.

  1. Go fishing.

With Wilderness Camp, enjoy a leisurely afternoon by the river spinning a tilapia and catfish line. You may jump from the rocks and paddle around the pools in the river to cool down if you’d like. You may also attempt rafting on the river, a true family favorite, depending on the water levels.

  1. Explore on two wheels.

You may ride a mountain bike and explore some of the riding paths around Loisaba Conservancy by renting a bike from Loisaba Tented Camp and your guide. An exciting and distinctive Kenya safari experience.

  1. Extremely rare black leopards.

Existence of a black leopard? Sure, It is basically the reverse of an albino cat in that its coat appears black (despite the spots still being visible) due to an excess of pigment. Also known as a leopard with melancholy.

An enigmatic and exceedingly uncommon black leopard that is sometimes observed lives in Laikipia. According to rumours, it has been a century since a black leopard was last seen in Africa. This image was taken in 2019 by Will Burrard-Lucas.

Where to stay.

The leopard mirror project at El Karama, Laikipia, offers a special method of following and observing leopards without human intervention.

After spending a few nights in the well-known Masai Mara and a Laikipia safari and bush school at the family-friendly El Karma resort, drive to the breathtaking Kenyan coast to unwind in a luxurious villa.

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