Top vehicles for African Safari

Top vehicles for African Safari : Most of the time, the type of safari vehicle you ride in will depend on the type of safari you choose and where in Africa you go. The goal of these different safari vehicles is to make you as comfortable as possible and make it easier to see animals. Here is a list of the most popular vehicles people use based on where they are going.

Southern Africa Game Drive Vehicles.

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Most camps and lodges in southern Africa are in private concessions, so safari vehicles there tend to be more open. During game drives, most of the time open-sided 44 Land Cruisers and Land Rovers with tiered seats are used. The open safari vehicles let you feel like you’re closer to the animals and nature, and they also give you a great view and great chances to take photos. In private game reserves, these open vehicles usually have removable roofs that your driver can put on to block the sun or keep you dry if it starts to rain lightly. Also, most game drive vehicles in South Africa have a bucket seat for the tracker placed on the front of the car. So, the tracker can look for animal tracks or droppings on the roads to find animals more quickly.

Eastern Africa Game Drive Vehicles.





Most vehicles in East Africa have less open space. This is mostly because open vehicles aren’t allowed in some places, like between national parks and in some parks, like Ngorongoro Crater. Mostly, this is to keep you safe. Open-sided vehicles aren’t good for regular roads or places where wild animals might jump or climb on them. For instance, in places where there are a lot of baboons or cheetahs. Even though this makes for a fun safari and an exciting meeting, it’s best to watch these animals from the safety of your vehicle. Also, going from one park to another, between airstrips, or from a camp or lodge to another may require going a long way, which makes it more comfortable to be in a closed vehicle. As well as protect you from rain, wind, and dust that come out of nowhere.

Top vehicles for African Safari
Top vehicles for African Safari

Most of the Land cruiser 4x4s that Safari Ventures uses for their closed vehicles have been changed. The car has three rows of comfortable seats and can hold up to six people. Everyone has a window seat to the best show on earth, and the pop-top roof hatch lets you see animals from all angles and take great pictures in the national parks. Even though we can’t completely avoid the amazing “African massage” you might get on your safari, the vehicles we use have a special suspension system to help deal with the uneven roads and terrain in the game parks and keep you as comfortable as possible while driving.

In private game areas, vehicles are only used for off-road game drives. These vehicles are usually open, with a removable cloth roof for shade, like the safari vehicles that are most common in Southern Africa.

As you can see the type of safari vehicle can vary depending on the destination and safari type. Still, at Safari Ventures, we work hard to make sure you have one of the most exciting and enjoyable safari trips.

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