Tourist Activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourist Activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourist Activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourist activities in Lake Nakuru National Park range from simply just driving through the park to sitting of scenic ridge viewpoints and just camping out in the savannahs of the park.  This park is one of those places you go to for relaxing and refreshing which means most of the activities in this park are designed to calm and refresh your heart, mind and soul. In this article we are going to detail the major activities in the park, that you shouldn’t miss out on your visit to this amazingly awesome park. The activities include but not limited to:-


Lake Nakuru National Park, is a home to over 450 bird species including the famous flamingos, which makes this park the best destination for all bird watching sprees; you will be amazed at how many birds you will see and interact with from the comfort of your car, along the shores of the lake, from the different viewpoints in the park and just even as you sit at one of the dining facilities in the park; lake Nakuru National Park has birds everywhere. 

This park is an international bird area and a RAMSAR site, meaning it’s a certified bird hub so you will surely not miss to see birds on your birding spree.  Some bird species you won’t miss include the lesser and greater flamingos, greater white pelicans, African fish eagle, Egyptian geese, white necked bee among others. 

Wildlife Viewing 

Lake Nakuru National Park, boasts a wildlife population of slightly over 50 mammal species including rhinos that live in the park’s Rhino sanctuary; this gives the park’s visitors a wide variety of animals one to view on their visit to the Park. The park has both white and black rhinos so you will be treated to front row seats of viewing both types of these endangered species together with the Rothschild’s giraffe. Lake Nakuru National Park is fenced hence the animals will not run away at any one time so your chances of seeing almost all the species that live in the park over 90%; seeing all the game in the park is every  park visitors desire. Some of the animals you will see include  Rhinos, buffaloes, cheetahs, Impalas, waterbucks, hippos, giraffes and many more. 

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National Park
Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National Park


Lake Nakuru National Park bushy savannahs are the ideal place for you to camp and experience the wild under the sky. The weather in this park is semi-humid (not so hot, not so cold) so it compliments your camping experience as you enjoy the lake breeze and at times see animals up close next to your camp or even tent. 

Ridge viewpoints 

Ridge viewpoints are not the activity but Lake Nakuru National Park, has extraordinarily beautiful ridge viewpoints where you can picnic, lounge, spend a day vacation among other things. These viewpoints are out of this world and the main viewpoints in the park include Baboon cliff, lion Hill and Out of Africa. The park other less known viewpoints but these three are to die for. 


The beauty of Lake Nakuru National park is undoubtedly picture perfect, which makes it the perfect destination for all picture activities; be it for commercial use or for individual purposes this park will give you unique and beautiful sights for your photos you will be spoilt of choice. 

A hike to Makalia falls

A hike to Makalia falls in Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the most adventurous activities in the park and though the hike is not actually strenuous, it still gives you a run for your energy and adrenaline. This fall is located in the southern part of the park and it’s truly one of those hidden treasure. When you visit the fall, you will enjoy the beautiful of the water, the breezy surrounding and the scenic view of the area and neighbouring areas. You can picnic at the falls to just to enjoy the view or even take a hike up the cliff for an adventurous experience. 

Tourist Activities in Lake Nakuru National Park
Tourist Activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake viewing 

Most people when they visit Lake Nakuru National Park forget to enjoy the view of the lake because they are captivated with the numerous birds on the lake. However when you visit Lake Nakuru National Park you should take time and view the lake, enjoy the deep blue waters, appreciate the surrounding flora and the skies above the lake. You should try it; you will be amazed at how refreshing this activity is. 

These are some of the activities you will take part in on your visit to lake Nakuru National Park.

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