Unique Secret Places to See on A Kenya Safari

Unique Secret Places to See on A Kenya Safari

Unique Secret Places to See on A Kenya Safari : Kenya is the most attractive safari destination where most tourists select it as their best right destination to explore, it’s easy for the tourists to fall in love with nature on a Kenya safari. The unique secret places on a Kenya safari are the best and excellent Kenya safari destinations that are off beaten path regions with the vast offers like the magical wildlife species, variety of the beautiful accommodations and many others. These places are perfect for every age group while watching and experiencing the Kenya’s unique secret places.

On your next safari trip to Kenya, consider and select these unique secret places you will be experienced with the gorgeous destinations which will make your safari the most charming one that will give you the everlasting safari memories in your entire life.

Unique secret places to see on a Kenya safari.


Laikipia is the unique destination that is in the northern Kenya. Most of the number of the ranches have embraced conservation and now has one of the fastest growing and the most attractive number of the wildlife populations in the entire East Africa. On a Kenya safari Laikipia region is the only destination where the tourists can be able to spot the wild dogs and the rhinos in their large numbers in the areas like Samburu National Reserve.

Most of the lands in Laikipia is in the private hands so the tourists are not all that restricted on the safari activities including the night game drives, walking safari, mountain biking, camel and the horse-riding, fly camping and among many beautiful activities. Laikipia is the gorgeous destination with the super landscape and scenery and among others. The destination can easily be reached from Nairobi city.

Rift Valley.

Rift valley is the beautiful landscape to spot on the Kenya safari. This is known as the beautiful and on the planet that grows the bigger portion of the biodiversity on the planet that is Kenya. Part of the Rift Valley are such excellent and they reward the tourists on the safari with the bird watching safari that includes the flamingo watching in the destinations found in the rift valley including Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Lake Lamenteita and among others. These destinations have attract various tourists from the world to the Rift valley. On a safari to the Rift Valley you encounter huge escarpments, volcanic springs, arid landscapes, unique wildlife, soda encrusted lake shores and among others.

Chyulu Hills.

Chyulu hills is the gorgeous destination with the beautiful landscape. The place blows a raspberry at the neighboring Kilimanjaro. Most of the tourists come to explore the destination to sight the unique features that are enclosed in the destination with the unique wildlife and among many others. There is accommodation facility in the destination known as the Ol Donyo Lodge known as the spotted hill, during the tourist’s stay at the lodge they enjoy the beautiful views across the plains of Kilimanjaro, gentle curves, wildlife, the Maasai people while enjoying their music and the dances, feeling the love of nature. If you feel like you want to feel the magical presence of nature besides you then the lodge and Chyulu Hills are the right choice for you.

Unique Secret Places to See on A Kenya Safari
Chyulu Hills

Lake Turkana.

Lake Turkana is one of the biggest and largest lake in Africa, and the destination is known as the biggest permanent lake in a desert. Lake Turkana lies in the Rift valley in the northern Kenya, Lake Turkana is the spectacular place with the unique characteristics including the jade colored waters, large numbers of the crocodiles, beautiful landscapes, populations of the Nile perch, with the delight people. Around Turkana there are massive accommodations where the travelers do stay on their safari, with the surreal appearance of the amazing color in the midst of the lava, sand, rock that are very attractive to the tourists like Lobolo camp, you will get the unforgettable safari adventure memories.

Loita Hills.

Loita Hills is the place that is between Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Great Rift Valley. Loita Hills is the secrecy destination that is full of the beautiful rewards, travelers on a safari can spot the big hills, dense forests, secret waterfalls, hidden places, wildlife and among others. Travelers enjoy discovering the destination through taking the walking safari into the hills that takes them the number of days or a week, that is the best way to learn everything that is surrounded or found in that place. And others can explore the destination through camping where the tourists can be rewarded with the most of the camping safari experiences in Kenya.

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