What are the best African countries to go for a safari?

What are the best African countries to go for a safari? Every wanderer has fantasized about meeting some of the most fascinating, unusual animals on the planet and seeing them in their own environment. An African safari is undoubtedly at the top of your bucket list if this sounds like your kind of thing. You can certainly get up close and personal with wildlife, but maintain a morally appropriate distance.

What then are Africa’s top safari destinations? Depending on the species you hope to view and the type of safari experience you choose (walking safaris, game drives, camping, or luxury), those factors will vary. There aren’t many top locations for an African safari. Due to the presence of the renowned “Big Five,” which include some of the biggest and most dangerous animals on the planet (elephants, lions, buffalo, leopards, and rhinoceroses), Africa is among the top places in the world for safari travel.

The chances are in your favor while visiting Africa, even if seeing animals while on safari is never a given at least not if it’s an ethical one. Safari enthusiasts should head to Africa, which boasts world-class national parks and game reserves along with some of the most diverse wildlife on the globe.

Is it ethical to go on a safari in Africa?

When deciding which African safari destination is best for you, ethics should always be taken into account. There are many safaris that harm wildlife and natural environments, and some that continue to condone hunting and maltreatment, therefore not all safaris are morally upright. However, ethical safaris are undoubtedly available if you do some study.

Ethical practices characterize an ethical safari. They ask visitors to keep a safe distance in order to prevent human interaction, and they show respect for the animals by letting them roam around freely and undisturbed. Additionally, ethical safaris usually contribute to local economic development and conservation efforts.

Do your homework beforehand; ethical safaris are, after all, the best in Africa. To be sure your safari is safeguarding wildlife rather than endangering it, think about where your money is going and how the safaris are run.

Where are the best African safaris?


Why it’s the best: Tanzania quickly springs to mind for many when considering the top African safari destinations. One of the most well-known safari destinations is Tanzania, which is regarded as the top safari destination worldwide in addition to Africa. It is home to some of the most well-known national parks in the world, particularly if you’re hoping to visit the Big Five.

Discover one of the oldest ecosystems in the world by travelling to Northern Tanzania’s famous Serengeti National Park, which is recognized by UNESCO. If you go at the right time of year, you might be able to witness the Great Migration, which is a 1,000-kilometer journey by over two million wildebeest, zebra, impala, gazelles, and clouds of birds overhead from Tanzania to Kenya. You will also have the chance to see wildlife across the plains and grasslands. It will seem as though you’ve entered the real Lion King and are taking in one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

And if you’d like to demolish one more wonder of nature? See the world’s largest caldera, Ngorongoro Crater, which is also one of the top locations in Africa for safari travel.


Why it’s the best: Kenya is another top African safari destination. Similar to Tanzania, which is well-known for its Great Migration, Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve welcomes animals from across the Mara River in July, and in October, the world’s greatest mammal migration returns to the Serengeti. Kenya is renowned for its varied landscapes, which include snowy highlands, hot, dry deserts, rainforests, and rocky coastlines, in addition to the Great Migration. Encounter some of the most unusual wildlife found exclusively in the Samburu ecosystem, such as reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, Beisa Oryx, Somali ostriches, and gerenuks, when you visit the Samburu National Reserve on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River. You will also encounter all the other classic African icons.

Take in the rich cultural diversity of the surrounding villages and feel at ease knowing that Kenya is the birthplace of some of the best African safaris in the world, as well as the largest conservation and anti-poaching initiatives in all of East Africa.

What are the best African countries to go for a safari?
Lake Nakuru N.P


Uganda’s varied habitats support a wide range of species, including hippos, buffalo, elephants, and forest hogs. Aside from chimpanzees hanging around in the rainforest, you may also spot crocodiles hiding in the Nile and the rare African skimmer bird in the marshes.

Uganda is the ideal travel location for adventure seekers in addition to its biodiversity. With so many water features, you can take a break from the safari to explore the area’s tea and coffee farms, go white water rafting, or chase waterfalls.


Why it is superior: Zambia might not be the first place you find when searching for “where are the best African safaris,” but it deserves to be at the top of the list! Although it offers some of the most unusual experiences, this safari hotspot is sometimes disregarded.

In addition to the Big Five, visit South Luangwa National Park to see large populations of Crawshay’s zebras and Thornicroft’s giraffes. Alternatively, enjoy an ethical safari while birdwatching at Lower Zambezi National Park, which has recovered from poaching. You can go on walking and canoe safaris, as well as night game drives to see nocturnal animals, while exploring Zambia.

In Zambia, there are typically several of options for accommodations in the parks, ranging from comfortable resorts to camping grounds. Additionally, you can swim to the brink of Devil’s Pool or make a pit stop at Victoria Falls for thrilling helicopter rides and hikes if you wish to venture outside the game reserves.


Why it is superior: Zimbabwe’s tourism industry has suffered due to years of political and economic unrest, but it is currently recovering and becoming one of the top destinations for African safaris. Mana Pools National Park, one of the most beautiful parks in all of Africa, is one of Zimbabwe’s top attractions.

The massive population of elephants at Mana Pools is well-known, as are the abundance of lions, leopards, and the rare African wild dog. Due to the park’s sparse vegetation, you can go on a walking safari or take a boat through the heart of the Zambezi River wilderness.

Beginners are not advised to attempt unguided camping or self-guided exploration, however these choices are available. Zimbabwe is one of the greatest places in Africa to go on safari if you also want to experience climbing, trekking, and water sports. Zimbabwe borders Victoria Falls.

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