Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Where Is Lake Nakuru Located?

Where Is Lake Nakuru Located? Lake Nakuru national park is famously known as a soda lake that lies along the rift valley located in the central region of Kenya in Nakuru County. In addition, it is situated in a distance of about 140 kilometers from the North West of Nairobi, which is the capital city of the country. Lake Nakuru National Park is near many popular towns such as; Maai Mahiu, Gilgil, Naivasha, Bahati, Njoro, Olenguruone, Mau Narok, Molo, subukia, Rongia, salgaa and many others. More so, this national park derived its name from the stunning waterbody “Lake Nakuru” found within the country and Nakuru is a Swahili word, which means “a place of the waterbuck”. Lake Nakuru national park is being managed by the Kenya wildlife services and it was officially as a national park in 1961 with the main purpose of protecting all wildlife in the country. More so, this national park is necessary visit destination which is famously known hosting thousands and millions of flamingos which nest along the lakeshores and the for its beautiful nature. Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the heart if Kenya and it is commonly visited and ranked as a perfect destination to visit while on an adventurous safari in the country because it is surrounded with undoubtedly and remarkable gem of the natural beauty and it spans a total surface area of over 188 square kilometers.

Tourist attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru national park has so many tourist attractions that lead many individuals to travel from all over the world to visit within the park however, the flamingos are considered as of the main attractions which are unique and beautiful because of their shimmering pink blanket  and they always gather in massive flocks and tourists exploring within this park always capture breathtaking spectacle views of the flamingoes as they observe and watch then while they gracefully dance across the lake shallow waters. More so, this is always beautiful moment for photography due to the beautiful scenery that the species create.

However, beyond the flamingos Lake Nakuru national park is also a home to large population of wildlife species and seeing these animal species always leaves the tourists awestruck therefore, exploring through this national park blesses tourists with chances to get close to the magnificent creatures hence enhancing their experience while they wonder and appreciate the wildlife conservation. And some of these animals include; leopards, giraffes, white rhinoceros, zebras, elephants, African buffalo, lions, Rothschild’s giraffe, hippopotamus, waterbuck, lesser flamingo, greater flamingo, black rhinoceros, hyenas, Baboons, African wild dogs, sandgrouse, black and white rhinos, elands, waterbuck and it is also a home to over 50 species of flora among others.

More so, Lake Nakuru National park has an impressive diversity of bird life due to the fact it harbours around 450 bird species that are usually spotted within different areas of the park. this makes this national park to be seen as a paradise for bird lovers and some of these birds include;  grey crowned crane, yellow-billed stork, lesser flamingo, greater flamingo, marabou stork, hornbills, bustards, owl, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis, pigeons and doves, hottentot teal, osprey, larks, starlings, great white pelican, African fish eagle, Emerald spotted wood dove, European white stork, Ring necked dove, maccoa duck, long crested eagle, white faced whistling duck, palid harrier, and many others.

Things to do in Lake Nakuru National park.

While touring around Lake Nakuru National park, of the must do things that tourists do is embracing the natural wonder by capturing spectacular views of the picturesque views of the beautiful landscapes in the surrounding due to the fact that the park is situated at the floor of the great rift valley. More so, Lake National park is dominated by the backdrop rolling savannah plains, lush forests, acacia woodlands, dense forests, rocky cliffs, stunning waterbodies like; waterfalls and  many others.

Where Is Lake Nakuru Located?
Rhinos in Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park

Game drives is one of the popular activities that is done by many people on a safari within the park as they go through the beautiful landscapes and they always accompanied by experienced guides who have more knowledge and are familiar with many parts of the park and these drives are usually done in different sessions such as; in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. However, the morning drives are considered as the best time because it is always gives tourists chances to overlook at many wildlife species due to the fact that the animal species always seem to be the most active  while they move out of their hidings and move around the park searching for food. more so, individuals can opt to for guided nature walks which provides them to be more intimate and encounter with the beautiful nature within the park as they appreciate the flora and fauna, they can also go for camping which is one of the highly recommended activities to do because it offers one with a unique opportunity to immerse in the natural wonders within the park and they are many campsites scattered in the different areas of the park and many others.

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