Zip lining in Kereita 2024 – 2025

Zip lining in Kereita 2024 – 2025 : Sliding down a zip line for enjoyment is called zip lining. Kenya offers stunning scenery and a climate that is ideal for going on a Kenya tour at any time of year. Kenya has a plethora of locations and activities to enjoy, including trekking in many highlands, savannah grasslands, and a wide range of other recreational pursuits. Anyone seeking adventure will find zip-lining to be an exhilarating leisure activity, and Kenya is the ideal destination for the best zip-lining experiences.

You must wear trousers and comfy shoes in order to perform zip-lining. Proper attire is necessary. Because the strappings are simple to harness, the pants are advised. The greatest zip-lining spots in Kenya include the following. Zip-lining can be done for a quick, exhilarating experience or for an extended period of time.

Zip lining in Kereita 2024 – 2025 : Kereita Forest

The longest zip line in Kenya and all of East Africa is located at Kereita Forest. Spanning over 2.2 km, the line offers flights over the breathtaking Kereita Forest. It is roughly an hour’s drive from Nairobi Central Business District, at Kimende Town, on the outskirts of the city. There are six zip lines total, with the longest one measuring roughly 430 metres.

For the ultimate zip-lining experience, this is one of the top spots in the nation. In addition to zip lining through the forest, visitors to Kereita can engage in other outdoor pursuits like mountain biking, archery, camping, paintball, nature hikes and team building.

To access and take advantage of the zip line at Kereita Forest, there are admission fees. Adults must pay Ksh 200 to enter the woodland; minors and students under the age of eighteen must pay Ksh 50. For two lines, zip lining costs Kshs 1,800, and for six lines, Kshs 2,800. At Kereita Forest, payments are accepted only by M-PESA or paybill.

Zip lining in Kereita 2024 – 2025 : Paradise Lost

Situated in Kiambu town, Paradise Lost is a stunning tourist attraction in Kenya, only 20 minutes by car from Nairobi’s city core. This amazing location, which is in the middle of a coffee farm, allows visitors to zip line across a man-made dam on two 650-meter zip lines.

Explore prehistoric caves, take a hike at the breathtaking waterfall, go fishing, take a boat ride, ride a camel, explore nature trails, see birds, visit coffee farms, and go horseback riding at Paradise Lost in Kiambu. Paradise Lost is one of the greatest places to have a fantastic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city because it offers a lot of activities and is only a short drive from the city, especially on weekends and public holidays. Adults must pay an entrance fee of Kshs 500, while children must pay Kshs 300. The two lines of Zip Lining cost Kshs 1500 per person.

The distance between Nairobi City Centre and Machakos Peoples Park, which is situated in Machakos County, is only one hour by car. The zip lines in Machakos People’s Park are suspended thirty feet above the ground, providing participants with an ideal aerial perspective of the park and its surrounds. Other enjoyable activities at the Machakos People’s Park include archery, biking, boat rides, picnics, horseback riding, photography, and camel riding. Situated in Machakos town and only a short distance from Nairobi City, this is one of the greatest spots to unwind and take in the tranquil surroundings.  Two zip lines, one 200 metres long and the other 300 metres long, are available. Each passenger must pay Kshs 500 for the zip line.

Zip lining in Kereita 2024 – 2025 : Kompass Zip Lining

You may reach Kompass Zip Lining after an hour of driving from Nairobi’s Central Business District in the direction of Ngong Hill. The zip line, which spans the vast Ngong forest, is roughly 250 metres long. In addition to zip lining, visitors to the Kompass in Ngong Hills can engage in bike rides, picnics, paintball, photography, archery, and hiking. Additionally, there is a bar and restaurant.

Zip lining in Kereita 2024 - 2025
Zip lining in Kereita

To enter Ngong Hills, one must pay an entrance fee of Kshs 232 for adults and Kshs 58 for children. There are two alternatives available for zip lining here: one zip line for Kshs 700 or two zip lines for Kshs 1,000.

The Bofa Beach Resort

The Bofa Beach Resort is situated in Kilifi County on Kenya’s coast, approximately one hour’s drive by road from Mombasa City, which is Kenya’s second-largest metropolis after Nairobi. It is located at Kilifi’s peaceful Bofa Beach vacation spot. It’s one of the most enjoyable beach getaways in Kenya.

It is among the greatest and the first places in Kenya’s coastal region to provide zip lining. Kshs 1,500 is the price per person.

The RedHill Dam

Situated just outside of Nairobi, the RedHill Dam is located a short distance beyond the Ndenderu and Ruaka. It is a serene and lovely spot to take in the peace and quiet that it offers, and it faces the vast Limuru Tea fields. Constructed in 2016, this zip line is among the first in Kenya and spans a man-made dam.  Even though it is shorter than a typical zip line, it nevertheless delivers an exhilarating experience. To experience its two-way zip line, pay Kshs 2,500.

The location offers a children’s park in addition to boat rides, picnics, camping, fishing, and horseback riding.

Rapid Camp

With activities including rock climbing, white water rafting, abseiling, kayaking, and nature walks, Sagana is the best site to experience the rush of adrenaline.  The Tana River’s source is widely recognised as Sagana. Nairobi is around a 1.5-hour drive away from the camp.  One of the most unusual zip lines in Kenya is called Rapid Camp; it is roughly 250 metres long, with 110 metres of it suspended above a river.

Each participant must pay Kshs 3,000 to use the zip line at the Rapids Camp. Additionally, for a better deal, the camp offers a combination package that includes zip line, glide or kayaking, bridge diving and a quick white water rafting trip, all for Kshs 5,600 per person, including lunch.

Dunda Camp

Off the Embu-Meru highway in Embu County is where you can find Dunda Camp. Nairobi is two and a half hours away by car. Other things to do are go on nature walks, bird viewing, picnics, canopy walks, and jungle trekking. Mountain biking, camping, zip line, and archery are some of the activities available here that can be ordered in advance.

There are two 250-meter zip lines at this camp, and each ride costs Kshs 1,000. The Rupingazu River and the trees are beneath the zip lines.

Nguge Hills

Nguge Hills are located in a valley in Gem, on the western side of Kenya, near the outskirts of Kisumu. This place offers a zip line, ropes courses, archery, hiking, and wall climbing among other activities. The two adventures can be accessed for Kshs 1,500, which is the park entry fee.

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