Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary

Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary

Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary : Situated roughly 40 kilometres from Naivasha town and 132 km from Nairobi city, Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary is a small private sanctuary centred around a volcanic crater lake with breath taking  water. Due to the breathtakingly emerald water, the Crater Lake game reserve is particularly popular with flamingos. Other wildlife can also be seen there, as the lake is surrounded by a variety of grasslands and woodlands. The sanctuary serves as a tourism kenya safari for all visitors, and it is best explored on foot in order to get up close and personal with all of the game that calls it home. More than 170 different bird species can be seen at the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary in Lake Naivasha, Kenya. These species include African fish eagles, pied avocets, Egyptian geese, grebes, lesser and greater flamingos, cape teal and ruffs, Great White Pelicans, whiskered terns, Maribou, Grey and Black-Headed Heron, African Fish Eagle, Yellow-Billed Storks, pied avocets, and many more.

The Crater Lake game sanctuary is home to a variety of mammal species, including giraffes, zebras, and other plains wildlife. Many tourists visit the sanctuary, which also features a green soda lake at the base of an extinct volcano on the western side of Lake Naivasha and north of Kongoni village. The lake serves as a hiking trail for hikers, taking them along a steep path to the crater’s rim, where they can see a variety of bird species that can be seen there. Even on the walking safari, you will be able to see the sanctuary’s usual inhabitants, including zebras, buffaloes in the woodlands, baboons, eland, giraffes, and black and white colobus monkeys.

On your walking safari, you can also explore the stunning volcanic crater to its full potential and look down into the green lake within. Depending on the water levels in other Rift Valley lakes, you can see a variety of flamingos on the lake as well as numerous other bird species.

Because of its predominant phytoplankton, which are microscopic primary producers in the water’s surface layers and are referred to as cyanobacteria, or blue-green bacteria, the crater lake’s alkaline chemistry makes it so special. They earned their name from the colour of their appearance, which is due to phycocyanin, a pigment that is added to green chlorophyll. Phycocyanin is unique among all bacteria in that it allows them to perform photosynthesis in the presence of oxygen. The primary food source for lesser flamingos is the species known as Arthrospira fusiformis, formerly known as spirulina, which is why the lesser flamingos are found at the Crater Lake game refuge.

Located less than two hours from downtown Nairobi, the Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary is quietly located away in a hidden corner of Kenya’s Rift Valley. It features a camp above the lake called the Crater Lake Camp, which offers visitors access to the sanctuary’s hidden gem, which is the variety of animal and bird species. The magnificent Crater Lake Camp is well-known for being the ideal place to stop while travelling to both the enchanted destination of Naivasha and the Maasai Mara game reserve in addition to Nakuru. Within the crater of an extinct volcano, Crater Lake Camp is a tranquil lodge offering a truly unique experience to all who visit. The lodge comprises 11 tents and 4 family-style rooms, all of which are situated along the lakefront and feature balconies, allowing guests to enjoy breath taking views of the volcanic lake without interruption.

A wide range of tourist activities, including cycling safaris, bird watching safaris, horseback riding safaris, guided nature walks, sundowners, and night or day game drives, are available to guests on safari at the Crater Lake game sanctuary.

The 10,000-acre Crater Lake Game Sanctuary is also well-known for being the site of the well-known hilltop grave where Lady Diana Delamere, the tragic heroine of Happy Valley, was buried alongside her two husbands, Thomas Delamere and Gilbert Colville. Visitors on a safari tour of the sanctuary will be able to see these graves. When you choose the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary for your safari, you will experience Kenya’s natural beauty in its entirety. will provide you with all the information you need to know about the sanctuary and Kenyan tourism in general.

Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary
Crater Lake Tented Camp

Raising water level at Lake Naivasha

There is swamp land all around Lake Naivasha. Regularly, the lake rises and falls. The lake is at its highest point in 2021, and many residences and tourist destinations are now under water. The restaurant, bar, bandas, and private campground at Sanctuary Farm are no longer there. Trees submerged in water and the walls of houses rising out of the lakeshore are visible.

Best places to visit around Crater Lake

Camp Carnelly’s

Along the lake’s edge, Carnelly’s boasts the fantastic Lazybones café/restaurant complete with bandas and a tent. We’ve spent numerous nights camping here. With hot showers, decent bathrooms, and an electric fence to keep hippos away from the tent, this is perhaps the best camping experience in Kenya for first-timers. Not to mention the excellent on-site restaurant. The whole property is shaded by fever trees, which are home to hippos in the shallows, giraffes strolling by, and colobus monkeys and woodpeckers swooping through the branches. It’s most likely the greatest location for a boat cruise in Naivasha. If you’ve never gone to Naivasha, taking a motorised kayak tour of the lake and taking in the amazing bird life and hippo families is a must-do experience.

Crescent Island

A submerged volcano’s rim gave rise to a moon-shaped curve. Crescent Island is a little piece of land that climbs to a peak with views of Mount Longonot and the lake in all directions. This is a wonderful spot to spend a few hours in Naivasha, teeming with wildlife. It is safe to go about the island because there are no predators (but you should watch out for buffalo and hippo).

Crescent Island is a living example of Naivasha’s tranquilly and calm. It highlights the ecosystem’s beauty and gives you the chance to interact with wildlife in its native environment.

Hell’s Gate National Park

The beauty of Hell’s Gate National Park is breath taking. This park served as the inspiration for The Lion King’s depiction of Africa because of its dramatic cliff faces, narrow riverine gorges, vast grassland, obsidian caves, hot springs, and volcanic activity. Photographers and nature lovers particularly like this little park. It’s one of the few parks in Kenya where strolling or cycling are permitted. Since there are no lions, leopards, or elephants in Hell’s Gate National Park, rent a bike at the gate and spend the day exploring the surrounding area.

Mount Longonot and Mount Longonot National Park

Twenty minutes southeast of the lake is a dormant volcano called Mount Longonot. It has not erupted in 140 years, thus it is only dormant. You can trek to the volcano’s rim and stroll around the edge of the crater. A five-hour walk covering 13 kilometres There are many animals along the walk, and the views of Lake Naivasha and the rift are breath taking.

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