Elewana Tortilis camp

Elewana Tortilis camp is the most magical destination that provides the tourists with the magnificent views and on a safari the tourists can be able to view the amazing of the Africa’s highest mountain that is Kilimanjaro this is the great destination that gives the guests the massive serene landscape on a safari in Amboseli. Elewana Tortilis camp is a first-class camp and 5 star luxury lodge in Amboseli National Park, which is Kenya’s premier wildlife destination for observing resident and migratory elephants roam freely in a natural habitat.

Elewana Tortilis camp was named after the flat-topped, the umbrella thistle tree, the acacia tortilis and embraces a sloped in one of Amboseli’s areas of acacia tortilis forest, situated in a confidential conservancy lining the national park, the game drives, sundowners, shrub feasts happen inside the national park and in the conservancy where the various visitors appreciate eliteness.

Accommodation at Elewana tortilis camp Amboseli.

Tortilis camp has got the most comfortable accommodation with 18 rooms rooms which are well facilitated and designated in form of the classic in Africa that were popular with early explorers, the camp has got the tents that are well spacious with the king or twin king or twin beds and the elegant ensuite bathrooms that do provide both cold and warm water, the tents are warm made up of the natural materials and the thatched roofs, the accommodation facilities includes the private house and family tent that are all located  slightly separate to the main camp, upon the hill where there is a presence of the pool.

Elewana Tortilis camp
Elewana Tortilis camp

With the magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro the guests enjoy them from their private family verandah, the Elewana Tortilis camp’s family tent is an added great addition to this camp in Amboseli.

Family tent consists of a double en suite bedroom, one twin en suite bedroom, a charming private verandah, featuring a swimming pool shared with a private house, though the both bedrooms can fit one extra bed for only the young children who are below 16 years.

To add on that the camp was among the first eco-lodges due to the fact of its size, it’s well-known as 100% solar, here the tourists can be very sure that they are leaving a minimal footprint during their stay.

Restaurant at Elewana tortilis camp.

Guests at Elewana tortilis camp are served free cooked-to-order breakfast daily, the camp has got the Onsite venue this is restaurant that serves the guests with international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner that are well served by the well caring professional stuff and the food can be prepared by the well experienced chefs.

Guests as well enjoy their best choice of drink from the bar/lounge this is where the guests get their best drinks ranging from the soft drinks, spirits, wines, gins and among many others.

Activities done at Elewana tortilis camp Amboseli.

Guests who visit Elewana tortilis camp enjoy the various activities that are provided by Amboseli National Park starting with the thrilling serene views of Mount Kilimanjaro that gives the visitors the great scenic backdrop during photographing with the variety presence of the animal species that can be seen like elephants, buffalos, lions, leopard, hyena, cheetah, eland, cheetah, Thomson’s gazelle and many others without forgetting the bird species.

Elewana Tortilis camp
Elewana Tortilis camp

Visitors enjoy the game drives that are conducted in Amboseli National Park, especially after their  breakfast, the visitors enjoy the early morning game drives where the guests enjoy spotting the most various wildlife that is found in the national park starting from the big five mammal species like lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino during the early morning the animal species can be attractive and available in the park not in their hidden places while observing the scenic acacia woodland and among others.

Guests at Elewana tortilis camp are always provided with the walking Kenya safaris with the local Maasai guides that’s where the guests gets the opportunity to find out, firsthand about the history of Maasai culture, the guests gets the chance to learn more about the Maasai culture.

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