Fascinating facts About African Animals

Fascinating facts About African Animals : African animals these are the mammals that mostly are described  as the big five mammals that are majorly known as the most dangerous animal species that are difficult to be hunt by the hunters in most of the past period that is 1800’s in Africa, the tourists can encounter them  in the bush when on foot, the African animals are specifically found in Africa mainly in the  various national parks and national reserves majorly in East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, do not miss out  an African safari to spot the African animals that includes the lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos and the leopards as these gives you the most unforgettable memory safari experience after spotting them.

Fascinating facts about the African animals can be best observed after carrying out an African safari, to spot the amazing Big 5 animal species in Africa but it’s always best to best to first know about the most fascinating facts about them and later you witness yourself about them on a safari especially in Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Fascinating facts about the African Animals.


Lion is known as the king of the jungle, these are known as the social of the cat family that live in the large families as they do everything in the group that is called the pride, except the males who regularly patrol their territories to fend against other lions.

Fascinating facts About African Animals
Maasai mara Lions

Lions can roar can be heard over 8km away, as they can be able to roar so loudly due to the presence of the ligament in their voice box, as the ligament can stretch to enable more air to pass across the vocal cords, making the incredibly deep and loud sounds. Also the lions have a white line right underneath their eyes which assists them with night vision, as there is a reflective coating behind the eye which helps to amplify the light emitted by the stars and the moon.


Leopards are adaptable of the big cats, their adaptability makes them the most widely distributed wild cat on the planet.

Leopards have got strong necks that allows them to grab their prey that even more than themselves into the trees as they do this in order to hide it from other predators, the leopards are the best scavenge regularly but they are brilliant hunters.

Leopards tail is of the same length as its body, so their long tails also assist them to balance when doing climbing, also acts as a rudder when they are chasing prey and have to turn sharply.


Elephants are generally known as the largest land mammal in the entire world especially in Africa, these are highly social animals, and they live in the herds which are led by an older female known as matriarch.

African elephant’s ears are shaped in form of the continent of Africa and also they help to cool down the elephant that is during the hot days the elephants like to spray water or put mud behind their ears where there are lots of small veins, this cools the veins helping the elephant’s to cool down, so their ears and the veins work like an air conditioning unit.

Elephants have very complex and intricate ways of communicating, these include using vibrations to make sounds to which are audible to humans and some of which are not, as these sounds can travel for several kilometers.


Rhinos are majorly in two types that is white and black rhinoceros, however their actual colors are very similar. Rhinos are very fast for their size, white rhino males can weigh more than 2 tons and can run at a speed of 40 km per hour.

Rhinos horns are made from keratin, which is the same material human nails are made, the rhinos are primarily hunted for their horns despite the fact that their horns do not have any proven medicinal properties.

Rhinos communicate through infrasonic frequencies that are below the human threshold of hearing, as the human’s skin also the rhino is very sensitive to the sun, thus they love taking mud baths to cover their skin from the direct sunlight also this helps them to trap ticks and other parasites, and once the mud dries up, as they scratch against a tree which then removes these parasites.

Fascinating facts About African Animals
Game drives in meru national park


Buffalo is known as the most dangerous animal species among the big five animals, as these cannot give you any warning signals and therefore can surround you without being noticed, buffalos are reported to kill more hunters in Africa than any other animal.

Buffalos are actually very good swimmers, as they often cross rivers to find the best grazing fields. Buffalos have good symbiotic relationship with bird species, like the egrets and among others, you can be sure to find a variety of birds when looking at a herd of a buffalo.

Buffalos have smooth tongues the old lore that their tongues that can lick the skin off Aman is nonsense.

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