Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest in Kenya

Kaya Kinondo sacred forest is located in Kenya in the south of Diani beach in Galu Kinondo area, the forest is well known and endowed with the various ancient and the unique tree species that attracts various tourists from all over world to come and witness themselves the various tree species in the forest and others are having more than 600 years.

Kaya Kinondo Sacred forest have been and it’s nurtured by the Mijikenda community, where they do protect the sacred graves and the groves and are now almost the only remains of the once extensive coastal lowland forest. The forest is such attractive one to various tourists who come along it. Before entering the Kaya Kinondo you have to remove head wear, wrap a black sarong around your waist and promise not to kiss anyone inside the grove, after you with the guide who explains the significance of some of the 187 plant species inside.

Kaya Kinondo forest is the great destination for the Mijikenda religious beliefs and practices with the subtribes like Digo, Chonyi, Duruma, Giriama, Jibana, Kambe, Kauma, Rabai and Ribe, as they use the forest as the ancestral homes of the different Mijikenda people. That’s why they are held to be sacred places, these have got the metonymic significance to Mijikenda and the fundamental sources of the Mijikenda’s sense the place is known as the place that is within the cultural landscape of the contemporary Kenya.

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest in Kenya
Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest in Kenya

There was abandonment as the place of settlement. Kayas have been transferred from the domestic aspect of the Mijikenda landscape, as part of this process, certain restrictions were placed for the proper utilization of the natural forest resources. This resulted into, the biodiversity of the Kayas and forests surrounding them to be sustainably used. The Kayas are under the difficulties both the externally and within the Mijikenda society by the decline of the traditional knowledge and respect for the practices in a proper way.

Kayas are known now as the spiritual beliefs of the Mijikenda, and where they are seen as the sacred abode of their ancestors, they are associated with the beliefs of the local and the national significance as the sites that are extended beyond the boundaries of Kenya.

On a Kenya safari Kaya Kinondo sacred forest soaks you with the feeling of nature when you reach the forest, that’s where the tourists do adventure, finds the culture, mystery and history of Kaya. As this gives you the best ever safari memories in your entire life. This sures you and gives you away to capture your own soul and the desires well enough to immerse you in the serenity.

During the safari to Kaya Kinondo sacred forest you can be having the presence of the guide that helps you to inform you about every significance of the various and different tree species that are found here in the forest, as this includes some are medicinal, others aphrodisiac and among many other healing species. Among the tree species there is one tree species once hugged it absorbs your sorrows and misfortune as per the ancient adage. There are various tree species that have good information. For the tourists who interested are allowed to get every kind of information that they need to know about a certain interesting tree species in the forest  like the ‘’Viagra tree’’ if wish to know more about it you can ask your guide who gives you the information about it.

On a Kenya safari, in Kayas it’s amazing how this place feels, it gives tourists the walking safaris around, as the forest has been here for over many years and its likely to be around for more and more longer period in future, while being transformed from the sacred place of worship to the tourist attraction. The forest is a marvelous attraction on your safari that gives you the interesting unending safari attractions.

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