5 Days Best of Tanzania and Kenya safari

Kenya Safari Facts

Kenya Safari Facts  : Kenya is an amazing safari destination with the unique facts being the home of the African safari, it gives the thrilling sighting of the magnificent animal species to the tourists who come to the country, not only the magnificent animal species Kenya has got the spectacular views, amazing wildlife, fascinating culture and diverse flora nothing feels wonderful and magical like a safari holiday in Kenya. To sincere in the entire East Africa Kenya is the birthplace of the wildlife exploration in form a safari.

Kenya Safari facts.

History of Kenya safari.

Kenya safari originated back during the 14th century when the Arabs had started coming into East Africa, though their main interest was trade they could not mind about wildlife. As time kept on elapsing Kenya Wildlife Safaris developed a new idea when the guests from Europe used to leave their country to escape the winters and could come to Africa to experience the African jungle and encounter it.

Currently Kenya has got various safaris  in which the tourists can experience the country that is Kenya family safaris, Kenya honeymoon safaris, Kenya beach safaris, Kenya wildlife safaris, Kenya camping safaris, Kenya nature walks and hiking safaris and among many others. The best Kenya safari depends according to the budget that you are having including to where you would like to stay and what to see.

Kenya Safari Facts
Kenya wildlife


Kenya safaris are not bulked together, that is for example family package in the bust coasts around USD 1500 a day with food, transport to explore around the country’s reserves, and then a luxury is a bit quite expensive as consists the meals, balloon rides, accommodation where the budget can cost 3000 USD.

Then the budget Kenya safari can take you up to 400 USD per person per day with accommodation in the amazing camps, meals and entrance fee. The packages for a Kenya do suit everyone as so long as you are interested to go for a safari in Kenya.

Kenya has amazing wildlife.

Kenya’s richness is majorly the wildlife, the country is popularly known for its big five mammals which are largely found in the various national parks and reserves of the country, that includes the leopards, lions, buffaloes, elephants, rhinos. Not only has the big five species, Kenya got other attractive animal species that includes the zebras, giraffes, cheetahs without forgetting the beautiful bird species.

Kenya’s animal species have got some of the special characters that includes the following,

Leopards are such small which cannot be easily spotted and during the night game drive the tourists can easily spot it.

Hippos do graze at night.

Giraffes have blue tongues.

Aerial wildlife viewing.

Though most of the travelers believe that the best way to view the wildlife in Kenya is through using the land cruiser that is open at the top while in the vast savannah, yes its rewarding to the tourists but a Kenya balloon safari is the best way to explore the most attractive national parks and reserves more especially Maasai Mara National reserve this is the best way explore the entire reserve while in the balloon and also helps the tourists to explore the wildebeest migration which is among the eight wonders of the world.

Kenya balloon safaris gives the best safari experience to the tourists who visit Kenya because it encounters all the wildlife that is located in the reserves including the hippos, animal species, and animal species compared to the game drive. After the balloon experience the tourists can be served immediately with the breakfast which gives the tourists the best balloon safari experiences.

Best time for a Kenya safari.

Kenya is best explored in different times according to the certain activity that is present in the country but mostly the safari becomes charming during the dry season, that is from June to October that’s the best period when the wildebeest migration happens in the country in Maasai Mara national Park, again it can be the period when the local and international tourists visit parks like Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo national parks because it can be a high season.

Kenya Safari Facts
Lake Nakuru wildlife

From November to May this can be the wet season, when the green shrubs can be found everywhere and all national parks can be beautiful and it’s the breeding period in the parks. This period there can be fewer tourists in the parks and it’s known as the low season though the period can be best for bird watching that’s the period when the migrant bird species come to the country.

Kenya culture.

Not only the animal species are not the only description of the Kenya culture or the safari beaches but the Kenya culture tells you about the African traditions. Kenya culture is about the Kenyan people, food, language, dance and art, ethnic values and norms and among many others that also attract the various number of the tourists in the country.

Great migration.

Kenya safari brings the tourists the great migration that takes place in Maasai Mara National Reserve from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, this is where millions and millions of the wildebeest and thousands of zebras and other animal species from Serengeti crosses Mara River to look for the pastures an water  this takes place during July to October.

The migration can be disrupted where others as they as crossing the river can be consumed by the crocodiles, and the ones that cross can be stalked by the carnivores like the lions that means that the only resilient ones can survive.

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