Safari Activities to do at Kora National Park

Safari Activities to do at Kora National Park : George Adamson and Tony Fitz john lived in Kora National Park for almost twenty years. George became a conservation legend thanks to his amazing work at Kora rehabilitating domesticated lions. This 441,577-acre wildlife area was first designated as a national reserve in 1973. After Adamson’s death from poaching, the territory was turned into a park in 1990.

The Tana River, which rises in the highlands between the Aberdare and Mount Kenya and travels 700 kilometres to the Indian Ocean, borders this triangle of dense forest, rock, and scrub by 65 kilometres on the north.

Kora National Park, which is located south of the Tana River and borders Meru National Park, is regarded as the third-largest wildlife region after Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks. Actually, George Adamson’s idea of connecting the two parks is realized with Adamson’s Bridge. Even if the renowned “friendly” lions are no longer there and banditry and poaching have decreased, the park is still a fantastic safari destination for these five reasons.

  1. Climb Kora Rock.

Despite not being the highest point in Kora National Park, 442 M Kora Rock is the most well-known inselberg because of its association with George Adamson and Elsa, his well-known pet lioness. The highest point is actually Mansumbi, rising 488 metres, followed by Kumbulanwa at 450 metres. The park’s pure wildness can be seen from vantage points provided by the rocks.

  1. Visit Two Falls and a Rapid.

 Along River Grand Falls, Adamson’s Falls, and the Kora Rapids are all accessible from Tana.

  1. Pay your Respects to Bwana Simba.

In the Kora National Park, George Adamson is interred close to his brother Terrance, who passed away two years prior. Not far away are the resting places of his two cherished lions, Super Cub and Boy. George and his wife Joy became well-known worldwide because to the lions. George was travelling to his dirt airstrip to pick up guests on that fateful day. Three bandits from Somalia attacked his Land Rover. That same day, two of his Kenyan helpers also passed away. Twelve game rangers in uniform lifted their guns to their shoulders and fired a barrage of shots into the air at his funeral. He was in his eighties.

  1. Enjoy a wild Ambience.

 Experience Kora’s distinct and diversified biodiversity. The Tana River’s Kora section has yielded catches of twenty-one different species of fish. There are about 500 different kinds of insects in the park. There are 40 reptiles, 33 mollusks, and 5 amphibians among the other species. Here there reside about 51 animal species and 215 bird species. Elephants, Lesser Kudu, wild dogs, striped and spotted hyenas, lions, leopards, and cheetahs are a few of these creatures. There are certain tracks that regular cars can negotiate.

Safari Activities to do at Kora National Park
Kora National Park
  1. Camp at the Park.

There are several camping options available in Kora National Park for visitors who wish to spend longer time there. On the Meru National Park side of the river, Kampi Baridi is a decent alternative. There are a few others, some of which are accessible to the public.

Kora can be reached in two ways. You can enter Tseikuru at the Kaningo gate, which is located after Mwingi, if you are travelling there from Nairobi via Thika. As an alternative, you can enter the Meru National Park by Embu or Nanyuki and enter at the Adamsons gate. If proceeding to the Kampi ya Simba hamlet where George’s camp stood, proceed further from Tseikuru to the Masyungwa gate.

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